OMG Fix Melee, Bungie! (Weekly Update 2/8/08)

Bungie is in the final phase of readying the auto update, which is a short way of saying, they're getting ready to hand it off to the kind folks in Certification, where the AU will be run through a series of rigidly scientific tests that last for indeterminable amounts of time. That said, barring catastrophe and disaster, the auto update will be injected into your Xbox 360 later this month.

Bungie has solidified what will appear in the auto update in addition to the oft-mentioned adjustment to Halo 3's melee. There's a bunch of uninteresting behind the scenes fixes that will likely be completely invisible to the player and a handful of more pronounced changes coming to Halo 3.

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The BS Police3727d ago

The Update will be out soon.

meepmoopmeep3727d ago

do these updates require an HDD?

jackdoe3727d ago

Meh. I'm into CoD 4 now. Much more fun.

Delive3727d ago

Seeing how alot of people have stopped playing H3..... Maybe that's a bit harsh. I'm sure it still has it's strong following. So let me speak for myself. I have not touched my H3 since CoD4 came out. Honestly, I don't see myself going back, except to download the maps, once free. So to me, Updates to "Fix" something that should not have been an issue with a franchise of this magnitude should not have been needed. I will be considerate because this was the first Halo on the new system, but it should have been ironed out before it was released. This is a Flagship title. All available resources should have been on this to ensure it would have been the best.

BloodySinner3727d ago

I haven't went back to Halo 3 since COD4 as well. However, because I already had all 1000 achievement points, that was more than enough for me to make the leap.

I have 1000 points in COD4 also, but I still like playing. I'm very close to acquiring the golden Uzi SMG. =)

jackdoe3727d ago

Sometimes, melee just pisses me off.

Dark Sniper3727d ago

960,000 unique players have logged on within the last 24 hours to play Halo. 101,000 players on right now, playing the game. I'd say the auto update isn't wasted just because you left the game.

Also, every game gets updates, even flagship titles, even the almighty COD4. It doesn't just fix broken things, but changes and adds features that fans have been asking for.

In conclusion, Halo 3 will regain its #1 status shortly, and will stay that way for years, until Halo 4 comes out, if it does, just like on the original Xbox. COD gets very repetitive very quick, and offers little skill, instead relying on seeing the person first to kill him with two bullets, instead of actually having a firefight where either player has a chance to win.

v1c1ous3727d ago

Bungie put in this fun lil melee feature in H3 that's surprising.

let's say player A and player B start shooting at each other. PLayer B started off with a few hits earlier, so has more HP than A.

Player A+B both shoot each other and get close enough from each other to do a melee attack. Both have low enough HP to be killed by a single melee, but player B has slightly more HP. just a tad, not enough to survive the melee.

here's the fun part. If they both Melee almost at the same time, player B will walk away the winner. SO if PLayer A started his melee about 1/2 of a second earlier than PLayer B, the game's mechanics dictate that Player B will be the one to kill PLayer A.

SO because player B has more HP than player A, player B gets about a 3/4 second of grace period where he can do a melee attack AFTER player A and still get the kill online. FUN!

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The story is too old to be commented.