Gearbox Software: Thanks for the Warm and Fuzzies

The Borderlands 2 launch at my local GameStop was a great time. While there, I got to reflect on some awesome, and it’s all Gearbox’s fault!

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Deeke2146d ago

A good launch party can leave an impression for years to come. I remember the Halo Reach "launch party" I attended at my local Gamestop in our mall. It wasn't spectacular, very disorganized, and generally pretty boring.

But something like this would definitely be awesome and it seems Gearbox knows how to treat their fans!

DeejayKnight2146d ago

Well, the launch party was all GameStop. I may have to clarify that in the article.

But Gearbox definitely takes care of their fans. If not, Borderlands 2 wouldn't exist!