PS3 and VITA Bundle to arrive in time for Christmas?

Lyndsay Moir: "Sony has announced that a PS3 and Vita combo package could possibly be released in time for Christmas this year. In a recent interview with CVG, Sony head Fergal Gara said that it would make sense for the two consoles to be paired up in a package that would include both devices, as well as some cross play games."

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Nutsack2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )



above you beat me on a second lol

TheGameScouts2183d ago

Sorry guys, keyboard had a spasm. Fixed the Caps. Apologies! :)

Griffin48712183d ago

Even with calling the Vita a console, I forgive it as the author is female.

Hicken2183d ago

The Vita IS a console. Not a HOME console, but a gaming console nonetheless.

I'll refrain from calling you names, but I'm certain you can figure out what type of not-good person you are.

Griffin48712182d ago Show
cpayne932182d ago

Dude, you're on your way to one bubble yourself if you keep being a jackass.

rpd1232182d ago

You sir get a bubble up from me.

Legion2183d ago

Most gamers do not consider any handheld a console. A console is a system that is set in one place and runs their games through a TV. (LCD, Plasma...etc.)

A handheld is a handheld. it has it's own display system and is portable.

Wii-U is barely walking that thin line between a console and a handheld. Having it's own display system but not sure exactly how much gaming can be done without a TV hooked into it?

miyamoto2183d ago

So the Sega Dreamcast which is a home console predates the Wii U walking that thin line 13 years ago because its controller setup also had a display system where you can play games on.

Legion2183d ago

Not really seeing the little 8 bit VMU display as anything even close to what is being discussed.

It in itself was really separate from the Dreamcast itself, though the VMU could be considered a rudimentary hand held.

But I guess you thought the Tamagotchi games walked the line too? Lets not get stupid.

Legion2183d ago

Just in time for all the uneducated moms to buy their kids one because the Gamestop employees will be pushing them hard.

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The story is too old to be commented.