Oddworld creator: ‘you won’t see our profits being spent on Ferraris and sh*t like that’

Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee creator Lorne Lanning has been speaking with the press to promote the game’s HD re-release Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee New N’ Tasty. He’s back on the game circuit in a big way, but that won’t stop profits from the series going back into development of new games.

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MrDead1968d ago

Ferraris, how tacky.

You should spend it on Aston Martins, life size cut outs of Kylie and the original print of the tennis girl scratching her arse.

adorie1968d ago

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport plz!!!

Saturne31968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

Glad to see deveplopers like these nowdays.

Respect +

hkgamer1968d ago

why buy a ferrari when you can reinvest that money and if it was a success then they can buy two ferraris.

chasegarcia1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

cant wait to play vita version

Knight_Crawler1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

I do not agree with this statement becuase we all say things like that when we live on a middle class income but as soon as we win the lottery or get rich some how our spending habbits and life style changes.

These guys have not made millions for them to say that they wont buy an expensive car or mansion becuase they never had that type of money to actually not do it.

Edit: Whats the point of making millions and not spend it on expesive things...its not like you can take the money with you when you die.

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