Worldwide Software Chart for Week Ending February 2nd, 2008

VGChartz reports, the Worldwide Software Chart for Week Ending February 2nd, 2008 was as follows:

Top 15 software:

1 Super Smash Bros Brawl (Wii) 842,536 842,536
2 Wii Sports (Wii) 264,283 18,570,818
3 Devil May Cry 4 (PS3) 208,837 208,837
4 Wii Play (Wii) 179,504 9,768,853
5 Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) 135,187 5,615,873
6 Burnout Paradise (360) 118,130 258,603
7 Tales of Destiny: Directors Cut (PS2) 113,538 113,538
8 Haruhi Suzumiya's Wonderment (PS2) 111,219 111,219
9 More Brain Training (DS) 109,604 9,862,313
10 Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Wii) 107,576 3,077,843
11 Burnout Paradise (PS3) 106,072 227,961
12 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (360) 98,908 4,594,839
13 Brain Training (DS) 91,053 11,694,759
14 Assassins Creed (PS3) 87,613 2,144,821
15 Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (PS2) 80,891 3,310,810

Software totals:

Wii: 2,660,181
DSL: 1,508,994
360: 1,194,898
PS3: 1,031,871
PS2: 920,731
PSP: 317,528

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hotshot1273754d ago

i really wonder if they like anything thats not a online game sometimes.

TheWickedOne3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

Yeah it ranked #39 with about 43,000. I'm a little shocked. I guess the 20 min install didn't push to many units towards the 360.

kewlkat0073754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

DMC 4 sales holds your answer..

I mean look at COD4 sales in the US vs PS3 COD4.

Both games sell well at their intended markets, with the user-base making the difference.

-EvoAnubis-3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

Proof positive that DMC is, and will always be, known as a PlayStation franchise. Kinda like GTA4 . . . yeah, I went there.


Edit: Wait a second? Am I seeing this right? Only two 360 games in the top 15, but 3 PS3 games and 3 PS2 games? How can that be right?

ruibing3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

I bought the DMC4 Limited Edition for my PS3 so I could complete my DMC collection. It's just really fun gameplay.

Btw, does anyone know if DMC4 is the last one?

bruiser813754d ago

im at the end and the old dude is pissing me off, can anyone tell me if they ever reveal how nero is related to donte?

Chuck Norris3754d ago

If DMC4 can sell that much units in Japan alone during its first week, then MGS4 will easily top 2 million in its first week worldwide.

Cyrus3653754d ago

You gotta realize, that DMC sales for 360 and PS3 were tracked from Jan 31st to Feb 2nd (3 days total), and only in japan as the game hasn't been released in Europe or North America (360 stronghold), where obviously DMC will fair much better than it will in Japan.

Japan 360 install base = 500 K sold 40 K, US 360 install base = like 11 million, what do you think it'll do in america?.

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The Killer3754d ago

despite 360 have 1 year advantage and they keep talking about the attach rate!

ha ha! thats another slap in the face of MS!

3754d ago Replies(2)
Cyrus3653754d ago

What's NPD going to do? It only mergers USA, not the rest of the world...

3754d ago Replies(1)
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