Halo 4: Mantis Gameplay [HD]

Mind-blowing Mantis gameplay on the Valhalla remake, Ragnorok.

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TrevorPhillips1970d ago

Game looks great! Can't wait to pick it up and LMAOOO at Mantis Tea-bag haha :P

Kurt Russell1970d ago

All looks amazing, the only thing that makes me do this face --> :/ Is that I heard grenades are only picked up from corpses if you have it set as a perk.

Other than that I welcome all the changes they've made.

TotalSynthesisX1970d ago

Good. Grenade spamming has been a major problem in Halo for years, especially in Reach. Glad they fixed it.

OrKuun1970d ago

It is (the "Resupply" mod, I believe). However, grenades still spawn all across the map. It's really just a "save you a two-second sidetrip" mod.

AO1JMM1970d ago

Awesome!!!!! Cannot wait to jump in a Mantis and kill some fools.

TheCatsMeow1970d ago

The Mantis is honestly not going to be overpowered. All you need is some team-work to take it down. A well placed blast of a charged Plasma Pistol and its up to your team from there.

Bluemaster771970d ago

As long as its susceptible to counter tactics i'm cool with it.

slugg1970d ago

With a banshee from a high angle of attack....problem solved.

Muffins12231970d ago

It takes two spartan lasers to kill it would take a few dive bombing but by that time it would of shoot the banshee down....

LoneCastaway1969d ago

then again by the time it takes the mantis to take down the banshee it is distracted and likely to be taken down by someone else...