Resident Evil 6 | HH Review

One of the best Resident Evil games to date.

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Armyntt2145d ago

One of the best to date? Then you give an 89? RE4 is one of the greatest games of any genre on any system ever. Puzzled.

Roper3162145d ago

I had to disagree about RE4 which I feel was the beginning of the end of RE and was my least favorite RE game when it originally released. RE1 thru RE: Code Veronica were all better then RE4,5 & 6 where the emphasis is on action instead of atmosphere & tense moments.

Armyntt2145d ago

Thats cool. To me there really hasnt been a RE that i hated. I take each one on individually, its hard, but i try to take each one on their own. I personally think RE4 is one of the best games ever though.

Roper3162145d ago

It's all good and I totally respect your opinion on the matter. It's all subjective anyways. opinions, likes, dislikes all very from person to person. And thanks for respecting my opinion and not coming back with the normal N4G reply to someone who thinks differently than you do.

Armyntt2145d ago

True, and its not an N4G thing either. Its any forum or any website with a comments section. Its awful. People with different opinions on anything whether its our hobby here in video games or political now because of the upcoming election.

Grap2145d ago

he just wants hits don't give it to him.

Solefever2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

How dare he express his opinion about the game , BURN HIM !