PWNCAST | Season 2: Episode 2 – The Wii U...Or How To Lose Friends And Alienate People

Have you ever wanted to know why you should never have a turducken in the shower? Well the latest PWNCAST tells you why...

Dealspwn: "We realised something at Eurogamer Expo - that playing multiplayer on the Wii U can often lead to a life of loneliness and exile, as asymmetrical multiplayer equates to four people having fun, with another gamer pressing their nose against the tiny window of the Game Pad, wishing they were having fun too.

This week on the PWNCAST we show a little more love to Borderlands 2, we attempt to call the football war this year between PES and FIFA, we talk more about the Wii U launch window lineup, and explore Introversion's new title - Prison Architect."

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