thumbACTIVE's Top Ten Resident Evil Games

With the release of Resident Evil 6, thumbACTIVE thought it would be a good idea to celebrate the numerous titles that came before it.

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Grap2184d ago

"celebrate" more than funeral you mean.

oldfriend862184d ago

I respect people's opinions, but RE Revelations is WAY too high on that list. The combat and story would've made it better than RE5, but definitely not better than RE2,RECV, RE3. I think I played it for a day or two and I was not impressed. It's collecting dust now.

Though I do agree that RE Remake and RE4 are a toss up for best. Depending on if you're more for action or survival horror. I'm also happy to see Outbreak get a nod, as I liked both the gameplay and premise behind it.

r4ndomalex2184d ago

Yeah from what I here it's more like a funeral. First scores aren't exactly enlightening. Destructoid gave it a 3...