IGN: Resident Evil 6 Review

Evolution and ambition are only natural for a franchise as old as Resident Evil, as is the need to respect a long-lasting legacy and the fans that have come to appreciate it. But in trying to serve all masters, Resident Evil 6 loses focus and fails to accurately assess which of its elements are truly worthy of being included. When this game is at its height, it sets new standards for the series in every way. Unfortunately, there are no shortage of lows either, taking what could have been an excellent experience and making it something considerably lesser.

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realiks1904d ago

Some very mixed reviews. Some sites are giving a 10, others 4.5. Frustrating.

Thatguy-3101904d ago

Bet if anything the ones that are giving it such a low score are the ones that were bugged that the horror element was replace by the action one. If i would conclude to what i've read about this game so far is that its a 8.5 type of game. Good but not great. Guess if you enjoyed RE5 then you'll enjoy this installment even more.

LightofDarkness1904d ago

The problem isn't that they've replaced survival horror with action (though it certainly doesn't help), the real issue is that the action is... crappy. It's a pretty boring shooter, with a mildly entertaining plot (mostly entertaining because of the polished presentation). This is a particularly poor output; it's almost embarrassing for Capcom, IMO. I hope this game bombs, because frankly, it HAS to or else Capcom will think this is perfectly OK and what the fans really want.

Time to show some integrity, gamers. Don't fall for this one.

scotchmouth1904d ago

Rule of thumb is to never take a 10 seriously

LX-General-Kaos1904d ago

I actually believe Gamespot this time. Retro Resident Evil classics for life.

Blastoise1904d ago

IGN are very generous with their scores. A 7.9 is more or less the equivalent of a 5 by IGN standards :P

HebrewHammer1904d ago

I smell a fat paycheck from Capcom to IGN. Just look at their site! I thought it was the official Resi6 homepage for a moment.

neogeo1904d ago

It depends on the player. I personally don't like it unless I'm feeling brain dead and stoned. My stupid friends with no class love these type of games. Mindless and endless quick time events are great for the poop flinging monkey crew.

"hey mom! watch me mash the button and make the game look like a real movie!"

CalvinKlein1904d ago

it is a shitty action game. Compare it to other action games and it is full of crappy controls, crappy animations, crappy cover system, crappy combat. I'ts nothing but crap.

linkratos1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

Ok this is a problem I have with reviewer mentality. How in the hell does a "good but not great game" deserve an 8.5? Great games should get 8's, good games should get 7's. Based on your own assessment this game should get a 7 or 7.5. We need to stop score inflation!

OhMyGandhi1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

Not only is the action poorly implemented and executed, but many reviewers fear for the future of the entire industry by what this game thinks is "hip and cool" right now.
I haven't played RE6 yet, but I sense that it's has a ton of intermittent cutscenes (like MGS4), interspersed with quicktime events (like God of War), so the player doesn't feel like they are in TOTAL control at any one time.

SilentNegotiator1904d ago

"Bet if anything the ones that are giving it such a low score are the ones that were bugged that the horror element was replace by the action one"


Most of the complaints are about quick-time events, how RE hasn't made any improvements, how poorly done non-action sections are, how sloppy the action itself is, etc.

That fanboy argument is not gonna fly, buddy. Either you didn't check out the reviews or you're trying to fool someone.

Kevin ButIer1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

I'll pass on this RE, there are many other franchises out there doing better. I just won't waste resources on this game.

mafiahajeri1903d ago

Isn't 8 considered great? And 7 good? And 9 excellent? I mean if a 8.5 is not great what is?

schlanz1903d ago


also rule of thumb never to take 4.5 seriously

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lastdual1904d ago

This will be a case of "read the review, not the score".

Players who don't mind the action-heavy slant of the new games seem to be enjoying it (although even they seem to dislike Chris' campaign), while fans who were hoping for a bit more horror are not happy.

alien6261904d ago

Well i been playing it since friday and im still in Leons story and which i think its awesome. i do feel the survival in the game so far. Finding ammo and health. I think capcom did a good job with RE6. I cant wait to try out the other two stories once im done with leons.

LOGICWINS1904d ago

"Guess if you enjoyed RE5 then you'll enjoy this installment even more."

Not really. I liked RE5, but I HATED the RE6 demo. RE5 didn't prompt a cutscene every 5 minutes, nor did it have an over reliance on melee attacks.

GuyManDude1904d ago

The sites giving it low scores are respected gaming sites:

Joystiq 2.5/5
Destructoid 3/10
Gamesradar 3.5/5
Gamespot 4.5/10
EDGE: 6/10
G4TV 2.5/5
1up C+
Eurogamer: 6/10

The only top-tier sites and mags to give it a high score are IGN, GameTrailers, and GameInformer; none of which were 9/10 or better.

The other good scores? Random blogs and console specific sites and magazines. The best score? Famitsu (aka that Japanese magazine).

I'd stick with the big guns here, but as always, people should try it (i.e. rent or borrow from a friend) themselves.

HebrewHammer1904d ago

Hey, but a 6 from EDGE is pretty damn good for them lol

FarCryLover1821904d ago

I did not expect them to give reviews that low. This may be what it deserves, but I thought the critics would eat this game up and praise it to no end.

VideoGameJimmy1904d ago

Wouldn't a C+ be anywhere between 7.6-7.9?

Sephiroushin1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )


It's something like:

A+ = 10 A = 09 A+/-A = 9.5
B+ = 08 B = 07 ...
C+ = 06 C = 05 ...
D+ = 04 D = 03 ...
F+ = 02 F = 01 ...

GuyManDude1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )


1UP's letter system has 13 scores (A+ through F). As such, you divide 10 by 13 and multiply by the corresponding number for the letter grade (C+ would be 7). The result, rounded up, is a 5.5/10. That's how Metacritic applies a numeric score.

Another way to look at it is there are six possible grades above C+ and below C+. Being exactly in the middle, that would give you a 5/10.

As such, the numerical score from 1UP would be between 5 and 5.5 depending on how you calculate it.

Edit: Their grades don't correlate with school grades (i.e. C = 70). If they did, the lowest score (F) would classify as anything from 0-5.9 numerically. Just doesn't work.

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Carl_Shocker1904d ago

Want to know why theres mixed reviews...because they fell like because it's RE they have to give it a good score...just like what happened with RE5 and FF13 for example.

Give it a crap score and the developer will cut them off from previews, sneak peeks, behind the scenes gossip, exclusive info on a new game, press kits and other goodies etc.

ILive1904d ago

You speak like what you are saying is a fact. Very annoying.

Carl_Shocker1904d ago

Never said it was...

You know what I find annoying, people like you who try and twist other peoples comments....theres no need for it

Kaos_Vll1903d ago

There's nothing to twist guy, your statement implies that you somehow have first hand knowledge of why there are mixed reviews when you haven't a clue like anyone else on this site.

"Want to know why theres mixed reviews?"

That's a question.

...because they fell like because it's RE they have to give it a good score...just like what happened with RE5 and FF13 for example.

"Give it a crap score and the developer will cut them off from previews, sneak peeks, behind the scenes gossip, exclusive info on a new game, press kits and other goodies etc. "

That's your answer, stated as a fact of knowledge.

"my best guess is" in front of that crap you stated would have implied your opinion on the matter. and he's right, it's not the first time and it's REALLY annoying.

You know what my best guess is?

Maybe some of these people actually like the game as much as you guys hate it. Whoa!

The funniest thing is how all the low scores are spot on and all the good ones are bribes.

I'm laughing and crying at the same time, you guys are hilarious!

Knight_Crawler1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

LOL...once you see it you can not unsee it.

The Resident Evil 6 logo is a dude getting head.

asmith23061904d ago

A giraffe to be more precise.

MiloGarret1904d ago


Qrphe1904d ago

Some sites are getting paid and some aren't, ergo the mixed reviews.

adorie1904d ago

"try" before you buy. I am in the process right now. I went through the same with Darksiders II, I ended up buying it on Steam cause I felt guilty. It's a really good game to me.

FACTUAL evidence1904d ago

IGN: Pay us and we'll give you a 7.9...
Capcom: Are you kidding me!!?!? 7.9!?! We'll take it!!

j4re1903d ago

Agreed, but with the metacritic now at 68 I think we're starting to see a tend. I believe there's still a market for true survival horror however with the sales that are needed for a game to be deemed a "success" I fear we may never see a true Resident Evil game of old.

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Chuk51904d ago

Just about what I expected.

Irishguy951904d ago

I thought Ign ditched the whole 7.6-7.9 etc...and were using 7.5 or 8 or 8.5 etc?

realiks1904d ago

It's back this fall I think.

Ilovetheps41904d ago

They made a new reviewing format when they reviewed Borderlands 2. And with that new format returned the 100 point scale.

wishingW3L1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

IGN didn't even make full use of the scale of 10 and now they went back to the scale of 100?

iNFAMOUZ11904d ago

yeaa, good game but not resident evil, leons campaign is just about it, but even thats only 7 hours long.....lame, capcom ruined resident evil, too much action, gets boring,

TheDivine1903d ago

Leons campaign is 7 hrs long? Thats freaking amazing then as theres a shitload of seperate campaigns. Most RE's take 10-12 hrs total so this is what 20-30?

I didnt like the forced co-op in 5 but it was still a stellar game. Every other main title was good. Revelations was amazing. Il take a leap of faith on this one. Im one of those that loves the RE QTE's. 4 did it before Uncharted so its not them following this gens games on that one. Cover, yea that sucks but as long as the storys good and the games fun im in. Idc what anyone says this game looks amazing.