CVG:Resident Evil 6 review: The series buries its survival horror roots forever

CVG:Over 16 years, Resident Evil has moved far from its fixed camera angles - and set new standards on the way. Resident Evil 4's semi-free camera, pivoting on a third-person shoulder, did no less than reinvent the action genre, and it's no shock to see a similar system at the heart of Resident Evil 6. What is surprising about this latest entry is how much it wants that control back.

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ritsuka6662113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

The series buries its survival horror roots forever"

;_; Noooooooo...

aLucidMind2113d ago

It's Capcom; considering the path Capcom has been going, and it isn't just them, is anyone really surprised that they put more focus in action and less in what made RE so good?