Resident Evil 6 Review | G4tv

G4tv writes: As a whole package, Resident Evil 6 is fundamentally flawed. It has a poor camera, wonky melee combat, bad narrative pacing and follow through, unfinished and half-baked modes, and a weird back-and-forth between cutscenes, QTEs, and actual gameplay that leaves me feeling like I’m just along for the ride on a bad theme park attraction. The poor design and busted gameplay doesn’t fit with the experiences that made Resident Evil 4 and 5 so memorable and feels like one of the biggest missteps in the franchise. Worst of all, it’s difficult in a way that feels like the game is cheating you through broken mechanics somehow, and that isn’t fun for anyone.

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Nimblest-Assassin2148d ago

Damn... this game is getting slammed left and right

Maybe Capcom will listen to people next time


Chris= More action that RE5
Jake= More bloody action than Chris!

Hell, I watched Leons story full, and it makes no sense unless you play the other campaigns

ritsuka6662148d ago

Wtf is going on with Capcom? First, miss the Resident Evil series with the grisly offshoot Operation: Raccoon City, a massive reputational damage. And now this..