Resident Evil 6 | 4Players Review

Resident Evil 6 is a pure action game, a huge disappointment and even a farce! Rather than revive the survival horror, Capcom carries it finally to the grave!

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DestinyHeroDoomlord2113d ago

Hahaha yeah right, it might be a dissapointment but i doubt that score fits the game.

pecorre2113d ago

Well, it got a 4.5/10 from gamespot, a 6/10 from eurogamer and a 3/10 from destructoid.

It looks like RE6 is the biggest disappointment of the year so far.

pecorre2112d ago

I said biggest disappointment, not worst game.

No one expected Amy to be good, so it was not a disappointment.

Thatguy-3102113d ago

That's true. I highly doubt it's a 55/100. Yea it maybe a departure from it's roots but to give it that score only for that reason is dumb. So far from what iv'e read it seems like an 8.5 game.Resident Evil 4 still remains the best one.

frelyler2113d ago

I agree with you to an extent, but this is a special case. For instance, say Chevy came out with a new truck. A lot of promises were made about this particular truck and based on that and it's brand history people have expectations. Then the day the truck is unveiled and consumable for the public you go and pick it up. Come to find out you can't do any of the things you had hoped for, all based on past brand experience. You can't do these things because the truck is only a 4 cylinder, only two wheel drive and the bed is so short you can't possibly haul anything you had hoped to, again all this is based on brand experience and promises made by the manufacturer. Would you not give this "truck" a very poor rating even though it attempts (poorly) to do some of the things it could do in the past? That is the problem, Capcom should have not named this a RE game and called it something else. The above scenario is why a lot of reviews are poor and in this case I believe the scores are justified. Companies need to listen to gamers and not focus groups or statistics about the popularity of online play.

Thatguy-3102113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

IDK i just believe if your going to judge anything you have to review it as a stand alone product. When reviewers exaggerate a score just to get a point across seems a bit silly to me. Just simply shows you can't take the review serious.

frelyler2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )


But that is what you are not getting. It is not a stand alone product. It is the culmination of the previous 5 titles and those simply cannot be ignored. Read my analogy and think again. Wouldn't you be pissed if you asked for a meat ball sub from your favorite restaurant and when your food comes you get roast beef? That is not at all what you have come to expect or want. RE6 is not a stand alone product, it simply does not fit the definition.

Roper3162113d ago

RE4 was the beginning of the downfall or RE. RE, RE2, RE3 Nemesis & RE: Code Veronica were all what a RE game is supposed to be. RE4 started the transformation into a action game and at the time was my least favorite RE game until RE5 came out.

I am not even considering buying this game and will only play it if it is free from PS+. Wonder what kind of ripoff DLC or I should say locked content Scamcom has in store for this game

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