The Pixelitis Podcast Ep. 18 – Awwwwkwarddd

"From the beginning, we’ve run the Pixelitis Podcast as a three-person show. It just feels right. Four is too many and two – well, two results in the kind of awkward jibba-jabba we’ve got for you this week.

Andrew Martins and Patrick Kulikowski were left to fend for themselves with this episode, as everyone else was “too tired” and “busy with website stuff.” Psh. Weaklings.

Regardless of the others and their “responsibilities,” the pair got to talk about some of the week’s big stories, as well as this week’s coming releases. It’s only an hour long, so hopefully you won’t be too put off by this week’s oddball ‘cast.

Next week, the show will be New York bound."

- Pixelitis Staff

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