CCP Games: DUST 514 Took Guts on Sony's Part

Push Square: "Few titles are as ambitious as CCP Games’ upcoming DUST 514. The PlayStation 3 exclusive intends to merge the universe between two disparate games – a feat which the Icelandic developer believes took real 'guts on Sony’s part'."

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Hatsune-Miku2120d ago

Sony PlayStation is the best gaming company where they'll take a lot of risks with odd and unique games

hiredhelp2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

Your correct sony is known for this and is why sony in my eyes have offerd us games such as little big planet, heavy rain ect.
Sony will continue to innovate if thats correct spelling thats why sony is a leading named gaming brand in many homes around the world.

fossilfern2120d ago

I was talking to some guys at Eurogamer and its sounding and looking really good! One of them said the 24v24 is only to ensure it all works and they might increase player count in the future! Looking forward to it.

SolidDuck2120d ago

Sony definitely takes the most risks, they get bashed for it a lot when it doesn't work out. But its why overall there my favorite gaming company. Although I like them all.

RubyToTheMax2120d ago

Sony has the biggest balls out of the other two.

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