Star Wars: First Assault revealed for XBLA

A new Star Wars game is heading to Xbox Live Arcade, based on a new leak.

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GhostHero3332090d ago

I have a long shot hope that it is similar to Battlefront gameplay, but i know better. Odds are that it is some kind of gameplay that im not into like strategy or something. If it does not have some sort of competitive online experience then I think I will pass.

Shadonic2088d ago

can you explain to me the awesomeness of Battlefront im a star wars fan but not a huge one.

GhostHero3332087d ago

It was sort of like Battlefield. But Star Wars and its third person shooter.they have different modes where you can capture points on a huge map or some modes like rush from battlefield and it you do good out on the field you can unlock jedis, siths, bounty hunters, or smugglers that can easily change the tide on the battlefield. Just really great gameplay. Look up some gameplay on youtube.

Dlacy13g2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

Star Wars has to be the richest and yet most under whelming gaming IP in the industry. I mean they have so many different avenues to explore in this universe and yet we have seen only a handful of quality Star Wars titles and more often than not we get things like Star Wars Kinect.

With a name like "first assault" I am thinking either a ground vehicle (Walkers/Mechs) based in an isometric view similar in vein to Renegade Ops or a group party twin stick shooter title like the Space Marine arcade title.

Lets hope they deliver something worthy of the universe.

DeadlyFire2090d ago

Well as an old school gamer. I am thinking it relates more towards a possibly rebranded or rebuilt Rebel Assault lineup of titles. Looks alot like Rebels fighting Imperials in that image. So it fits the OT Era.

I am wondering since this is on XBLA will it be on PSN/Win8XBLA. Last time I looked at lucasarts page it listed recruiting for PC, PS3, X360 development of an fps title.

Dlacy13g2090d ago

@DeadlyFire you totally could be spot on. This also could be a new title on the old Republic Commando IP. I say that only because it seems to me like LucasArts has discovered that the Storm Tropper have more appeal to gamers than the rebel soldier given all the Colony Wars stuff and the prequel stuff having the storm troopers on the "good" side and that theme seemingly carrying forward alot of late.

DeadlyFire2090d ago

Its taken them awhile to realize the value of the stormtrooper. I do not see a jedi in this one. ;)

Seems like it could also be a multiplayer fps. Never know really, but I hope the quality fits in line with Star Wars 1313. Shouldn't be a bad title either way.

Shadonic2090d ago

Maybe its ont of there free to play titles.

guitarded772090d ago

I had seen rumor of the title floating about... glad to finally get some conformation. I sure hope it's there answer to online Battlefront play this generation.

Blaze9292090d ago

can we just get battlefront 3...just give us battlefront 3

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The story is too old to be commented.