Hating Loving Remakes

An opinion column via which delves into the potential pitfalls of a market full of remakes, and why somehow the author doesn't seem to be able to dislike them enough.

Quote: "At the beginning of this year if you asked me what three games I most looked forward to playing before the year was out (inb4 Mayan prophecies) I most likely would have said Mass Effect 3, Darksiders II and Devil May Cry: HD Collection. Yes, I would have neglected to mention the excellent Borderlands 2 which I reviewed earlier today, as well as the outstanding (yes, I went there) Lollipop Chainsaw which I played a few months ago, in favour of a remake. Actually, a collection of remakes to be fair. "

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Outside_ofthe_Box2115d ago

***"It scares me that there are so many games that if remade, I would jump onto like a rabid dog jumps onto an abandoned baby covered in chilli sauce… too vivid?

It’s not even that I’ve forgotten those experiences. Heaven knows, I don’t want to play Half-Life on current generation hardware. I don’t. Really. Yet I jumped as high as anyone else did in celebration when Black Mesa Source released a few weeks ago"***

This something that I actually thought about once. When I made a list of games/collections that I'd buy in HD or remade, I was amazed/frightened about the amount of games I'd buy in HD.

ForRealz172115d ago

Almost had a shred of credibility until that "retarded" part. Epic fail.