PS Vita has a ... you guessed it ... ten-year cycle

Jim Sterling writes, "Ah, the ten-year cycle. Sony's favorite go-to phrase to defend any failing, misstep, or lack of support with the PS3 has been given a fresh injection of life by executive John Koller, who used the phrase when talking about the PS Vita. Yep, that has a ten-year cycle too."

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stephmhishot2028d ago

Sure, the Vita may be around for ten years, but we'll be lucky to get enough games to cover half that time if Sony's recent "build a system and then wander off" approach holds true.

Uh what? PSone was supported nearly 11 years, PS2 continues to be supported and the PS3 is still their flagship console seven years in. Sony continues to support the PSP and to the point where they're hurting the Vita in Japan by having the same game release on both systems. I'm sure the Vita will be no different when it comes to support. I don't get where Jimbo the Hutt came up with that.

rpd1232028d ago

Right you are my friend. Sony supports their systems for extremely long periods compared to a lot of companies. Don't see why the Vita wouldn't get the same treatment.

TongkatAli2028d ago

Why is supporting something for a long time looked down upon ? I see it as my purchase is going to get content for a long time, fail has been the buzzword and its getting old.

Sony saying they going to support the Vita for ten years means it wont fail. It's actually quite the opposite of failing. Sony isn't taking a loss on every Vita sold, let that fact marinate.

vayacondiosamigo2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

No one is saying that a ten year life cycle is a bad thing. What people do not understand is why have a system last ten years if developers don't want to make games for it. Even Sony admitted they do not understand why developers aren't making games for the vita.

TongkatAli2028d ago

You don't think that will change when the install base becomes bigger ?

Hicken2028d ago

Ah, destructoid. Writing yet another article based on bias, ignorance, and misinformation.

" Sony's favorite go-to phrase to defend any failing, misstep, or lack of support with the PS3.."

Wonderful. Spin on.

DivineAssault 2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

cant wait for the haters response on this.. "Its not true! Vita is doomed! It cant be!" lol even if technology on mobile devices are way beyond vitas capabilities, it wont matter cuz im sure there will be a sony service or another sony device on the market when vita gets ready to phase out.. either way, vita owners have another 9 1/2 years of software to look forward too & this will be nice to use with ps4 when it comes..

About 10 vita games on my list for the rest of this year & nx yr will have a lot more for me. None of this includes the PSN, PS1, & PSP titles i have or will have either.. Including those is too many for me to count