Worldwide Hardware Chart for Week Ending February 2nd, 2008

VGChartz reports for the Week Ending February 2nd 2008, the Worldwide Hardware was as follows:

Hardware Total:

DSL: 421,386
Wii: 338,304
PSP: 185,738
PS3: 158,629
360: 114,546
PS2: 113,838

Break down:



Software numbers are not accurate yet (Does not include japan's numbers, so please disgread it for now).

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Iamback3729d ago

PS3 is awakening....and numbers will only get bigger

angel6043729d ago

but arent the dmc4 numbers for was given that it was gonna destroy xbox version in sales...when it happens in america then ill gloat

sonarus3729d ago

i may be wrong but i think those numbers are for japan alone. Its nothing new than dmc fans are more often than not playstation fans so despite the 360's almost double install base i wouldnt be suprised if ps3 versiou outsells 360 version world wide. Capcom shouldnt be counting on converting 360 owners with this lackluster effort on dmc4. I am really dissapointed in devs who were quick to write off the ps3 after jst one yr in the market. Being in the industry for so many yrs one would expect some of these guys to be a lot smarter than this

Brian52473729d ago

Outsells 360 by 44k units worldwide.

Dann79783729d ago

Of course yet again 360 is the lowest

sonarus3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

why disagree with goodfella or are you too stupid for simple math. PS3 OUTSOLD 360 BY 44,000 UNITS. At least according to vg chartz but vg chartz has been well known to overstate 360 sales and understate ps3 sales. in japan for example ps3 was understated by about 2000 so by trend if these figures were challenged it will still play in favor for ps3 and might end up being higher than 44,000. Now with this already being the trend with ps3 outselling 360 worldwide how does msoft expect to beat them again this yr. All they can issue is a price drop and dnt think for a moment sony isnt ready to counter with one of their own

nicholascage243729d ago

let me fl ee

good to s ee

nice bump for the psthr ee

gaffyh3729d ago

360 only outsold the ps2 by 1k, PS3 sales are still surprisingly high. Still even outselling the 360 by 44k each month is not enough really, it needs to sell a lot more to catch up quicker. Nice to see that PS3 is selling well though, atleast it puts a bit of pressure on MS to make more games.

robbo9183728d ago

Those are weekly sales, for Jan PS3 outsold X360 by 160k (included week ending 1/05 which had a few holiday sales tacked in) roughly WW and if they should manage to stay at the 44k advantage they enjoyed this past week they will hit 176k more sold for this month. The last time X360 outsold PS3 WW was 11/24, just a random thought.

mikeslemonade3728d ago

Yep that's 160k a month for being:
1. $50 more than the 360 premium
2. Warner is still multi format until march
3. No exclusives for PS3 have come out yet

That's pretty impressive if you consider the PS3 really hasn't taken off yet, yet people are still buying them.

gaffyh3728d ago

oh you guys are right, I didn't read the title correctly. It's 1 weeks sales not a month. In that case PS3 is doing really well.

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wil4hire3729d ago

Or this will be over quick.

fenderputty3729d ago

still has plenty of ground to make up. It's future is looking much brighter then some expected though.

dragunrising3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

The fanboys have already made their predictions it seems. Speaking of world wide totals, PS3 outsells the 360 by 50,000 every month consistently....How long would it take PS3 to catch up if the 360 already leads by 7 million worldwide? Providing that the 360 still owns the US AND UK market how much more does the PS3 need to sell in other markets to make up the difference? Two questions of the same ilk both phrased differently. Answer these questions and you get a cookie:)

hazeblaze3729d ago

The PS3 owns EU and Japanese markets AND every week the 360 is losing even more ground in NA... Even if the PS3 only outsells the 360 by approx 120k p/month up until the summer (and it WILL outsell it by more than that when MGS4 comes out), it will begin to outsell it more & more as we roll into the next holiday season. The PS3 outsold the 360 by over 1M this last holiday. If it outsells it by 2-3M this holiday, and 360 sales continue dropping in NA & EU, then it will surpass 360's total sales by summer of 09.... to answer your question ;-)

cmrbe3729d ago

There are 2 things wrong with your assumption.

1. The 50k is for 1 week not 1 month according to this chart.
2. The HW sales flunctuates. i.e. They do not remain constant.

gololo3729d ago

You want to sound kind of smart, but you forget to remember that the number of PS2 owners waiting to update to a next gen console (being the 360 or PS3) is on the 100 what you assume is that the rate and status quo will be the same for the next X amounts of years...when in reality, one big AAA can move millions of consoles...and to me I think there are millions in the world waiting for the release of games of the like of MGS or GeOW2 and this my friend will tip the balance in favor of one or the other way....but this year prepare to see big gaps in sales between games releases cuz to tell you the truth both consoles have a nice line up for this year

Baba19063729d ago

hmm i agree with most. but i dont see where gears 2 fits in. are non xbox owners interested in a game that debuted on the 360? most who are waiting for gears 2 allready own the first one dont they?

LastDance3729d ago

Sure, folks, we're absolutely giddy for Sony that Metal Gear Solid 2 is coming next year. But guess what? Its hitting Xbox, too, and Microsoft's pony offers much more horsepower. Why not save yourself a good $300 while you wait? We love the fact that PS2 is backward compatible, but chances are, if you have a ton of games you plan to use this feature with, you probably already have a PlayStation. Like you need two. And all this hoopla about the DVD capabilities. That's great, go buy a stand-alone DVD player. It will cost less and offer better image quality -- and a remote.

If you actually want to play good games, I think the choice is pretty clear here. Dreamcast has the games, and if that's what you're buying your console for, Sega most certainly has your back. 'Nuff Said.

- IGN source

I don't want to sound like a complete Dreamcast fanboy. The PS2 is definitely an awesome machine, and it too will have a great selection of games over the next year. I love mine, but I can't honestly say that I'd recommend it over Dreamcast. At the moment, the limited selection of titles that take advantage of PS2's graphics capabilities, the price difference, and the complete lack of online gaming make the Dreamcast the smarter choice in my book.

CH-OutbreaK3728d ago

It seems like selling a lower ammount of units in the european market means you are owning it right. *roll eyes*

dragunrising3727d ago

First of all I wasn't trying to be smart; just proposing a question. Second, I am not a fanboy of either console. I have an opinion and so do you...enough with the personal attacks douchbags.

gololo- the PS3 does not have a 100 million user base to collect from the PS2. Give me some sources. Deductive logic suggests that many of those 100 million PS2's do NOT work. Also, consider that the most hardcore gamers are the first to upgrade (price doesn't matter). Once the PS3 is 150 euros (or dollars) for two years you will see "casual" PS2 users migrate to PS3. Your response has no merit.

To all other replies I wanted to point out that a) console sales fluctuate (I don't need to spell that out) b) the UK might as well be separate from Europe (360 sells more than PS3 there, aka the exception to the PS3 owning Europe. The UK also has the largest gaming market of Europe- OMG) c) don't mistake the frustration in my voice as bias but truth d) I own a PSP,PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii.

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fenderputty3729d ago

is gaining ground in the states. That's pretty huge. I know none of this is super accurate but still ... at this pace the PS3 is outselling the 360 buy 150k+ consoles a month during slow months. Not too shabby considering three months ago Mart, Firstknight and the rest of the crew were claiming PS3's death over the holidays and beyond.

angel6043729d ago

pretty good didnt expect them to be up by that much, gotta crawl before you walk

but i remember seeing some dude with an avatar that stated ps3 dies sept 25 (halo 3 release) then changed it to ps3 died sept. 25...i guess he was quite wrong and doesnt appear here that often

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