Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel preview [BeefJack]

ARMY OF TWO: THE DEVIL’S CARTEL is a sequel no one expected, but does an interesting change in developer as well as new main characters offer hope for the struggling franchise?

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ab5olut10n2183d ago

I hope so. I'm a huge fan of cover based third person shooters and always thought this IP wasn't given the attention it deserves from developers.

axerated2183d ago

Was with it all the way til the confirmation that it would be about Mexican drug cartels, now I genuinely don't care, another game with a South American setting, greeaat...

ab5olut10n2183d ago

Mexico isn't in South America. The UN classifies them as Central America and they're also part of NAFTA. Mexico City is actually one of the administrative cities.

axerated2182d ago

My mistake! Geography's not my strong point...