How Low Can Sony Go?

Criticism of Sony UK President Fergal Gara's interview with Eurogamer, and Sony's handling of the Vita and PS3.

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GalacticEmpire2144d ago

The problem with a website that doesn't take itself seriously at all is that it's harder for readers to take their opinions seriously.

I'm sure there's some good points in this article but I can't see them through the sarcasm.

blumatt2144d ago

Yeah. How low can all these Sony hate articles go? That's the real question. LoL

It's gonna be ridiculous when the PS4 comes out cause this site is gonna be filled with hate articles.

Xof2144d ago

And the sad thing is Sony's learned so little from past mistakes we already know what the hate will be, specifically.

"It's too expensive!"

"It doesn't have backwards compatibility!"

"It has no (re: too few) games!"

And the sad thing is, all of those complaints will be legitimate. The sadder thing? They'll gradually become less legitimate, just as was the case with the PS3, PSP and Vita, but we'll keep seeing 'em crop up until the PS5.

When it will start all over again.

garos822143d ago

as low as the media hell bent to paint a picture that the ps3 is the next virtual boy

Blaze9292144d ago

I don't really come to N4G as much as I used to but did something happen to Sony lately or something or what's with all the 06 doom3d articles I've been seeing lately?

Malice-Flare2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

well, the aesthetics of the new PS3 revision is polarising and the Vita 'still doesn't have games'. other than that, just fanboy and armchair analysts ranting to get hits...

seriously though, Sony needs a direction to go to and a leader willful enough to drag them there screaming...

El_Colombiano2144d ago

People just want to see the champ fall.

MacDonagh2144d ago

If you mean Nintendo, you'd be right.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232144d ago


@MacDonagh....bubble for you.

2144d ago
Fierce Musashi2144d ago

To gamingGod123:

I don't know what "gamers" you are talking, but anyone who isn't oblivious isn't playing "casual bs" on their Wii console.

2pacalypsenow2144d ago

@MacDonagh lol Nintendo hasn't been a champ since 1995

MasterCornholio2144d ago

I agree that the Nintendo Wii was the most successful console out of the three but in my opinion it was a console designed for the casuals and not for the core. Plus add to the fact that due to its incredibly weak hardware many current gen games (like Borderlands 2 for example) couldn't be created on it.

Nintendo fans love praising games like Super Mario Galaxy which was fantastic. But how many people have a Wii and then a PS3 or a 360 for the games that don't come out on Nintendos console?

I honestly doubt that a serious gamer went through this generation with just a Wii.

I have to give it to Nintendo for making a great come back after the disaster of the GameCube and the N64.

MacDonagh2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

@gaminggrump123 Thank you for proving my point! Sales are what keeps companies alive and Sony haven't done nearly as well as Nintendo has in terms of selling hardware. You can bitch and whine about how the Wii isn't for the "hardcore" gamer or whatever you want, but Nintendo knew that the "hardcore" audience weren't interested in their console because of the negative preconception that it's for babies; so they broadened their demographic to include people that may have never previously played video games, introducing a previously untapped market that Sony and Microsoft were only too keen to take advantage of with their motion control peripherals with mixed results. It's also not true that there weren't any games for the "hardcore" player to appreciate either, but it's clear that some gamers have already made their mind up over Nintendo abandoning hardcore gamers. I'll also point out that Nintendo didn't abandon the hardcore; the hardcore abandoned Nintendo to merely satisfy their lust for cutting edge technology with a hefty price-tag. With the Wii U coming out, I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo finish top again since they've locked down the handheld market and the Wii U will be a lot cheaper to make games for than your PS4s/Xbox720s.

@2pac Check the hardware units that have been shifted for both the Wii and the DS. That makes them the best-selling consoles of this generation. That makes them the champion or the leader of the video-game industry.

Skateboard2144d ago

WII is the champ of making soccer moms work out, what a champ.

ronin4life2144d ago

I have more real games for my Wii than my PS3. They are there if you bother to look. It's also telling that the Vita has 2 games taken from the Wii library... pretty good ones too.

In time, the Wii will be seen as the system it truly was. Just like the GC has.

stragomccloud2144d ago

I'd argue that gamers that played gamer games on the Wii(in addition to any other system, I personally play all of my consoles, the XBOX currently not getting as much love as my Wii/PS3) are the only real gamers. Because it's sickening how many amazing exclusive games the system had that were just completely ignored on the basis on band wagon Nintendo hate and an aversion to ED(Wii isn't actually SD, it's ED it has the same number of vertical pixels as SD but at least 20% more horizontal pixels because of the native 16:9).

I guarantee the Wii has the most under appreciated games of this generation.

Fragile Dreams
Sonic Colors
No More Heroes/No More Heroes 2
Red Steel 2
Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings
Zack and Wiki
Trauma Center

The great games may have been few and far between, but the games were extremely unique offerings with very different kinds of game play.

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TheTwelve2144d ago

Sony fired a bunch of PR guys last week and I believe there is a connection.

wastedcells2143d ago

Sites using N4G and headlines to get hits. Its almost out of control on this site now. Every nobody is writing these articles now.

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paddystan2144d ago

N4G is doomed, also is the entire world on 21th december.

2pacalypsenow2144d ago

well can i have all your games and consoles since you think the world will end on the 21st cuz some Indians think so

ronin4life2144d ago

The Mayan calender does NOT predict the end of the world, but lists the end of a cycle. It is western theory that applies what most believe to be Christian end of world theory to the Mayan calender that created this whole "december 22nd apocalypse" thing.

BitbyDeath2144d ago

People forget back when the mayans were around we did not have leap years. Technically their end of world date has already passed.

TekoIie2144d ago

I still get to play AC3 so I'll find out how to survive before it happens

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Mounce2144d ago

How about, How low can 'Opinions' against a company go?

With Sony? Apparently it goes down to the grimy bits of someones shoes. There's not enough hate on Microsoft these days. I mean, where are the games? What was the last 'Great' game to come out on the 360? All game-related news I've been seeing is dominant in PS3 and PC and 2nd being Wii U due to it coming close(Even if a lot of them are 'Enhanced Ports'.

ronin4life2144d ago

Sony is in trouble financially and must take great strides to pull out, a situation MS is not in at this time.

Microsoft is facing its own crisis if it doesn't pick up the pace of actual game content however: irrelevancy. Which is incredibly dangerous for any company.

Anon19742144d ago

Actually, according to analysts Sony just has to wait for the FX markets to stabilize to return to profitability. There's no doubt that Sony could be more innovative, but S&P's is predicting a return to profit for Sony in FY13 and and increase in earnings per share of 2067% by FY14 based mainly on stabilizing currency markets. They don't think consumer spending is going to really go anywhere for the next few years. Same goes for all Japanese electronics makers. It's not exactly a secret. The impact of yen appreciation versus western currencies and it's effect on the Japanese electronics industry has been widely known and discussed for years now.

As for these doom articles that have cropped up over the last month, I just vote down the site so the quality filter might have a chance to weed out this nonsense and move on. I started to read them at first but you can usually tell with the first paragraph that 99% of these articles are baseless.

"People like to make fun of Sony saying their stupid or dumb."
Right off the bat it sounds like this guy's information source is chatter on his local 4th grade playground. And you don't need to read any further.

Also, as a rule, if an author posts anonymously, I just don't bother. If you don't have the grapes to put your name on the article you write, why should anyone take a word you say seriously?

Hicken2144d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

A large part of Sony's problem is the image it's been given in the public. An image articles like these aren't helping to improve.

Systemwars is a gaming site(apparently), as is N4G; yet instead of focusing on how good Sony is on the gaming front, the vast majority of coverage is negative.

Sony releases the most powerful, most versatile handheld ever with a large amount of games and at a reasonable price?
Negative articles come out.

Sony outdoes Microsoft and Nintendo at E3? Negative articles come out.

Sony starts giving away free games?
Negative articles come out.

Sony announces new IPs, including one fans have been wanting for years?
Negative articles come out.

Sony has more games on display for their handheld at TGS, while neither Microsoft nor Nintendo even show up?
Negative articles come out.

Sony releases a hardware revision for their console that comes as a bundle with a great game?
Negative articles come out.

Sony announces 10 years of support for their struggling but still awesome handheld?
Negative articles come out.

Seriously, no matter what Sony ACTUALLY does, people will look down on them. It doesn't even matter that they make efforts to rectify their financial problems. Doesn't matter that most of those corrections need to be done OUTSIDE of their gaming division.

According to "gamers" and the "journalists" that cover gaming, all that matters is that Sony is failing.

Edit: Rebuttals

You don't NOT lose just because it was a subjective category. More people thought Sony won than the others. Sony won. End of story.

Despite? How? Was Nintendo the one showing support, or was it third parties that also showed games for other systems? Since Nintendo wasn't there...

Why believe Sony? Oh, maybe because that's what they do to their hardware: support it for long periods of time. No shit, it hasn't been supported for two; it's not even a year old yet, so saying that was just stupid.

You went searching for something fallacious in my comment and found... nothing. Try again.

ronin4life2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

Yes. But what people don't seem to grasp is "return to profitability" doesn't mean "return to form". Sony will be fine financially, but not without consequence. It would be impossible to take such steps and be unaffected in capability, even if only for a few years.

And to head this off: no, this is nothing like what Nintendo went through. They had one yearly loss in 30 years, which they recovered from as quickly as they suffered under it.(yes, even the GC was profitable for them in its entirety) What Sony has is years of losses and a games division that only recently started carrying the company.

oh dear God... I can't care to pick apart every fallacious statement you made, but. let me just point out:
E3 Victor ownership is pretty subjective, seeing as how no one really gave any new news.

Nintendo hasn't attended TGS in years, if ever. DESPITE this, the 3ds still had more support than the Vita or any other console.

And why should anyone believe Sony claiming a 10 year cycle when they have hardly provided for 2?

The extremity of criticism and "hate" is annoying, but lets not ignore facts or start spewing crap of our own.

RubyToTheMax2144d ago

What people don't understand is that, we are talking about SONY. A multi-billion dollar company who knows better than us, and has been in the game longer than all of us.

All of these gaming websites and bloggers negatively pointing their finger at Sony without reason are just nobodies. That's why they make less than 30K a year writing and blogging about how much their life sucks.

ronin4life2144d ago

Sony has lost nearly 90% of their company in 10 years.

They definitely seem to know what they are [email protected]@

lodossrage2144d ago

Lost 90% of their company?

To who? Who did they sell 90% of their company to?

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