Valhalla Knights 3 first screenshots

Marvelous AQL has opened the official website and released the first screenshots for its upcoming PlayStation Vita sequel, Valhalla Knights 3.

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Sanquine902062d ago

This looks ***** awesome:D Is this really ps vita? More ps3 quality

RubyToTheMax2062d ago

Yeah it looks really good! This is only possible on the PSVita, because it truly is a PS3 in your hands.

r212062d ago

Looks great, I thought this was also a PSP game? Anyways, seven vs seven battles? Interesting :D

DivineAssault 2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

wonderful.. Another great title to look forward to.. Seems as if ppl are blind to say vita has no support or software.. Theres a great amount i see & i know theres a great deal more to come.. More apps, more features, & more software..

@ izumo, it has already begun.. Already theres Uncharted, Gravity Rush, LBP, & some great 3rd party current gen ports.. PSN, PSP, & PS1 as well.. This month theres silent hill, little kings story, SFxT, Ragnarok Odyssey, & AC Liberation. Nx month PSABR, COD, Persona, & the list continues on & on & on for the nx 9.5 years.. Im going to love playing online & unlocking trophies in all these titles.. Vita is one of if not the greatest handheld gaming machine ever made.. If u look at the competition, there are great games too but u need to ask yourself "what will I enjoy most?"

izumo_lee2062d ago

Unfortunately this is a generation where everyone wants something NOW instead of later. Those who are more informed about the games coming out on the Vita know there are games coming.

I do understand that these games are spaced out way to far from each other in terms of release dates. To stop these 'no games' news the Vita needs to consistently have games released more frequently.