D.I.C.E. 08: Build or Buy? The Insomniac View

Developers took to the stage at D.I.C.E. Summit 2008 to argue the merits of building or buying game technology, with the battlelines being drawn between Insomniac on one side, Epic Games on the other, and Ubisoft stuck in the middle.

"It should come as no surprise to anybody that Insomniac takes the position that you should invest and build your own engine technology," said Mike Acton, Insomniac's engine director, as he began to explain that he saw building tech as an investment in the company, and most importantly, in that company's people.

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Salvadore3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

Developers who spend more resources and time, are the ones who succeed in terms of understanding the hardware better. This has been proven several time as we see developers like Isnomniac, Infinity Ward, and Epic develop outstanding games both in quality and gameplay in a very short period.

kalistyles3758d ago

"To be straightforward, generally that is a complete crock of $hit," he said. "Usually, instead of concentrating on the core tech, you concentrate on how to use someone else's core-tech."

Damn! Can you disagree with that comment. I mean take a look at what Insomniac has done the past year on their own engine and what's coming out for them this year. They hit the nail right on the money with that statement. Creating your own engine propels you to do things that other middleware engines give problems for because it's not your own and can sometimes create more trouble.

jackdoe3757d ago

I agree with everything he said. UE3 ran like sh!t on the PS3 before Epic optimized it for UT3 and as a result, Midway and a number of other developers hemmoraged cash because of the fvck up. Had they developed their own engine like Insomniac, IW, or Capcom (only DMC4, LP looks like a half-assed port, don't quite understand how Capcom could fvck up when they already have the MT framework running at 60fps on the PS3) I am sure that games like Stranglehold and Blacksite(while both mediocre) would have released on time and PS3 owners would have picked them up as word of mouth about how bad they were would not have spread.

games4fun3757d ago

to whoever got this up this is an actual article worth reading which is hard to find on this site the only sad thing is that there are only a couple of comments on something so important and i would have to side with insomniac's position by knowing the ins and outs when you make your own engine you can better utilize the console your working with regardless of what console it is

Says you3757d ago

like Resistance and the next sequel.