What YOU want to see in GTA 5

OPM UK writes: The best (and weirdest) submitted to our Facebook GTA 5 wishlist. If you guys really were the ones making Grand Theft Auto V, it’d be incredibly violent, incredibly tactical, full of cameos… and would take 100 years to develop. But shh – let’s not get bogged down in the logistics. Let’s just imagine.

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TheRealSpy2086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

This isn't what I want...

I want destruction physics!
-Take out a bridge or a building. Then see construction workers rebuilding/repairing.

I want to get on top of a building with a sniper rifle and shoot up a park, then for a few days or weeks (in-game time), people don't goto the park anymore.

I want to know how many cops there are in the whole city, and if i take the time to kill a few hundred of them, then there aren't as many cops on the streets for a few days/weeks while they recruit more. Maybe have a counter that gradually goes up when you haven't killed any of them.
-This could just as easily apply to gangs, as well.

A fast travel system wouldn't go amiss either (outside of the taxis - maybe limit it to just traveling between safe houses).

Calm Down Sunshine2086d ago

I like the idea of the construction workers...

I'd like the be able to "grab" things, like passing cars, or low-flying police helicopters, people to take as hostages, building ledges... I'm not asking a lot really, but I feel it would add so much more fun to the game.

ChunkyLover532086d ago

Easier to achieve Achievements! Seems like all Rockstar games have weird Gamerscore that takes forever to get. I am not a Gamerscore whore, but when I beat a game I'd like at least 300-400 Gamerscore.

I put like 50+ hours in GTA4 and got less than 200.

Rauland2086d ago

I want to see a release date

josephayal2086d ago

a wii u Version in full 1080p

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