First PS3 Hands On GTA IV Preview and Screens from PSM3

The latest issue of UK magazine PSM3 features a massive twelve-page exclusive preview of Grand Theft Auto IV. The preview contains four new screenshots which have never been seen before, and new character illustrations of Little Jacob and Vlad. All the screenshots in the scans are from the PS3 Version.

- The preview was based on the PlayStation 3 version of the game. This is the first time that the PS3 version has been seen by journalists.

- The faster you tap X, the faster Niko runs. He doesn't appear to get tired.

- Major collisions on motorbikes cause the helmet to fall off. You can see it fall onto the ground.

- Niko gets in trouble with 10 bikers in a street fight, some of them had knives, Niko runs away and a police officer sees him getting chased by the biker gang, the police officer thinks Niko is an innocent pedestrian and helps Niko out and shoots at the bikers.

Hit the jump to see the new screens and read this exciting preview!


- The PS3's version seems to be exactly the same visually as it's 360 counterpart
- The frame rate on the ps3 version is extremely smooth
- Niko's clothes get bloodier after you take more and more damage
- You can ring 911 to get the police, ambulance or fire brigade
to create a diversion or simply steal their car and anything else you can foster up
- When you fail a mission, you receive a text message asking whether you want to replay the mission, even a 'skip trip' feature is included
- Multiplayer will be accessed from the phone
- The phone can also be used for messageing, photos, reminders and music.
- R1 will be the 'into cover' button for the ps3, many variations of getting into cover apply
- You can dangle from Helicopters, just like vans and trucks
- When your about to die it fades into black and white, just like in gears of war and uncharted.
- Ne-Yo and R Kelly were heard on the radio
- 18 radio stations available
- Niko is able to ask the cab driver to change the radio station
- Niko pays the cabbie double (which adds up to $39) to speed up
- Bums on the street ask for money, you have the ability to give them money
- Niko raises his arms when cops try to 'bust him' out of say a car, but he can move freely and can run or retaliate

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Anything but Cute3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

It's on PS3 also!! Sorry Shane Kim

I got really happy when I heard "Tap X to run faster"

Noting like pressing X when playing a GTA game.

nicholascage243761d ago

here is the link to the ps3 version's scans looks really good ay

xhi43761d ago

they say the frame rate runs damn smoothly and the graphics are exactly the same as the 360's.........YERRRR thankk god I was getting worried with no screenshots and videos of the ps3 version. Finally!!! woo

nicholascage243761d ago

i am now gonna get the ps3 version. Initially i thought the ps3 version might be gimped like other ports but now after hearing your words i think i will get the ps3 version.

i had all gtas for my ps2. I will be getting this for ps3 if thats the case

Anything but Cute3761d ago

That's some good information. That's more info on GTA IV than I've ever gotten. I didn't know about the bloody clothes, calling ambulanced, all that.

Dann79783761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

If you want the true GTA exprience go buy a ps3! GTA wasn't meant for xbox. Playstation started it since beginning,Glad they kept the orignal controls too

sonarus3761d ago

its quite obvious rockstar still got love for playstation with the new exclusive yet to be announced for play station. I knw a couple of ppl that will be buying ps3's when GTA4 drops. If i had to choose which system to buy it on it would easily be play station especially if there are no obvious disabilities with the ps3 version

GETPWNED3761d ago

Wooo!!! Close one! Cuz for a second I thought that the extremely more powerful, living, organic Cell, space-age, NASA technology in the PS3 might ACTUALLY make a game look better than its 360 counterpart. No? OK. In other news, the sky is blue.

Chuck Norris3761d ago

When your about to die it fades into black and white. After that, you can use your phone to dial 119 for some Chuck Norris support.

Winter47th3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

Appreciate the effort xhi4, thanx for the heads up.

PS3 version pre-ordered, there's no excuse but to have this gem on a stable console.

hardmetal3760d ago

a stable console ?.. No question about it. It's PS3

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Buubar3761d ago

I'm glad to see a PS3 preview *finally* As well as the new GTA:IV website today. I don't think today can get any better for GTA:IV fans.

General Pinky3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

1) 2 Exclusive Episodes content coming to the Xbox 360
2) Xbox 360 controller with rumble (come on guys you know you want that)
3) Achievements (man would it make your mates hate on you cos you got to that part of the game)
4) Own music while cruising through Liberty City (One track i will be playing will be "just cruising" Will Smith)

If that is not a lot than how about that everything that the Playstation 3 version is getting the Xbox is getting..

Anyways, guys it is your choose end of the day...
But i cant believe that Sony fanboys are coming over here and saying they will get the PS3 version...let me tell you this...You don’t have a Xbox 360, which mean you will only can get the PS3 version if you have the money for it after buying the PS3..
No disrespect to the PS3 but this is the Facts

Violater3760d ago

as I am playing with my Dual Shock 3 right this very moment.

VigorousApathy3760d ago

Since the Playstation version will receive extra downloads to make it better for years I fail to see how those other useless things make up for it. Of course the X-Box version needs to be released with an extra mission or two, once the game comes out it can't be altered. The Playstation version on the other hand can be given anything at any time.

madmike3760d ago

if you own a ps3 then get gta for your console or xbox360 but you dont need to come out with shlt like stable console take it to the other forum this sites for people who loves games and dont want to be part of a console war. i am just glad everyone can injoy this game game on.

Cryptech3760d ago

Do you have to pay for that DLC on XBOX360 though?

Hockey113760d ago

Yes they do and it wont be cheap (think like $30 an episode) and the content wont be there at launch. It will come like 6 months after by then I think people will be done or tired of the game

Buubar3760d ago

I have a 360 and a PS3. I'm still buying it for the PS3 as i enjoy playing the PS3 more.

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pwnsause3761d ago

North wood heights??, YEAH, recreation of Washington Heights is in the GAME!!!!1 YEA~!!

Dann79783761d ago

If you want the true GTA exprience go buy a ps3! GTA wasn't meant for xbox. Playstation started it since beginning,Glad they kept the orignal controls too

GETPWNED3761d ago

Dan. LOL. You're f*cking stupid, and an obvious droid. GTA 1 and 2 started on the PC, a M$ platform, dumbass. And GTA2 was also on the Dreamcast. All the newer GTA games are also on Xbox. GTA3, Vice City, and San Andreas would have been MUCH, MUCH better games if they weren't limited by the PoS PS2 technology. Xbox is far more powerful. Rockstar would have preferred Xbox if given the choice. So please tell us: How is GTA3 starting on PS2 make the PS3rd version of GTA4 better than the lead SKU 360 version? Don't be dumb. It's embarrassing.

illizit3761d ago

Obviously he meant the new generation (3d) of GTA. It was born on PS3.
On another note, the devs of GTA are not going to take advantage of the ps3 and make a superior version. First, it would take away from sales on the 360 version which I'm sure they spent tons of money on since everyone would get the superior version. Second, It would probably raise legal issues with Microsoft. I can keep going. Simply put there going to try to make equal versions of the same game to avoid any kind of flame wars/issues, etc.

ATLRoAcH3761d ago

If it wasn't for the PS2 (& PS1) then GTA wouldn't be a household name and it wouldn't have sold millions and millions and millions of copies.I would even guess over 70% of GTA's sales were due to the Playstation brand.If not for the Playstation brand then we wouldn't be excited about one of the best selling game franchises arriving to the next-gen because Rockstar and Take-2 wouldn't have became the established company and developer they are today.So thanks to Playstation... PS3 and 360 owners are going to be able to enjoy GTA IV.

3761d ago
Alcohog3761d ago

"the PC, a M$ platform"

You call PC's a MS platform because of a popular OS software? You are a complete idiot.

3760d ago
moparful993760d ago

Ah hell you did it now.. Ok *cracks knuckles* first of all just because microsoft paid rockstar 50 mil doesnt mean that they are going to kiss their ass and make the 360 version look superior. That money hat was just for the two episodic content downloads which rockstar has confirmed hasnt even began coding. Secondly rockstar also said that the ps3 wil be getting dowloadable content, they havent said what it will be though. Now onto your most mislead statement. Yes rockstar cited the ps3 in the delay but, they said "the ps3 was a FACTOR in the delay" he didnt blame the entire thing on the ps3. Learn to comprehend a little better. Also crack open the october issue of GameInformer and they have a little article in which they discuss the delay. In the article they also cite that the 360 code running was running far less then stellar which only leads to one conclusion. NEITHER VERSION WAS READY for launch so they did the smart thing and pushed it back. Conspiracy theorists ran wild with this and said sony had an exclusivity contract that prevented rockstar from launching the 360 version b4 the ps3 but this was all hear say and cannon fodder... So before you open you rumor spewing mouth again I suggest you analyze your statements....

Kleptic3760d ago

GETPWNED...has quickly become the number 1 idiot on this site...

You criticize the PS2 on what could have been, and that had it been on the Xbox it would have been 'so much better'...and now the tables are 100% reversed, in that the 360 is what is holding back GTAIV...DVD9 w/ no standard HDD?...sound familiar?...probably..because that is exactly what the PS2 ridiculous fanboys got wind of a single article that pointed to the PS3 being the "reason for delay"...when it was confirmed last year that it was simply multiplatform development that put the wrench in the gears...the 360's lack of standard HDD, the PS3's radically different tech, and the fact they were building it for two machines in general delayed it...

enjoy your year of GTAIV being the only great game on your console...and enjoy it being 'held back' by the PS3, in which they will both be equal...the PS3 owners are not the least bit concerned...GTAIV is one of 6 PS3 blockbusters for the year; at least...360?...this is it...nurture it...

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