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Sony not threatened by Wii U's Christmas launch

Sony UK boss Fergal Gara has suggested that the firm doesn't feel threatened by the Wii U's Christmas launch, but that Sony will be keeping tabs on the popularity of Nintendo's console far more closely in the new year. (Nintendo, PS3, Sony, Wii U)

DA_SHREDDER  +   1063d ago
Seriously? Maybe if they were selling them at $199, but this is pure bull. I can't probably get a WiiU till tax season next year, not cause i can't afford one, but because of availability. If they launch another system for more than $300 bucks, Ill be playing on my ps3 till the WiiU comes out, and maybe, just maybe I'll be buying a ps4 the year after. There's been like 10 different sku's since the ps3 launched, now they got one that has a sliding door. I a Sony fanboy, but im not gonna pretend that they are doing the right things when they aren't. I could wait till 2014 or 2015 cause by then, all the games I want like a new motorstorm or God of War will be price dropped that I'll beable to get like 10 titles for under $200. I've learned alot this gen. And hopefully most of you did too. Rule #1 that I learned was don't buy games at launch, the price drops almost a month after launch. Rule #2, DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE! THEY ARE JUST VIDEO GAMES!
DeadlyFire  +   1063d ago
I do agree year later is best way to buy really. Sure ya miss some things at launch, but for the most part the games keep their value until then. If not they typically are not worth investing in anyway.

Just depends on how much ya really want it.

As for Sony worrying about competition. There is a reason Sony and Microsoft have bundles ready and PS3 has new slim for the holiday season. Its to hit well with the profit season of the holidays.

Sony knows they have their beast under wraps for 2013 as does Microsoft. They don't see WiiU as a real competitor to their systems yet. If the install base jumps as fast as the PS2/Wii did it could cause a stir for them, but it all depends. I personally wanna see final WiiU hardware before I decide on buying.
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corrus  +   1062d ago
Actually Nintendo said no cut price maybe for year or two
shivvy24  +   1063d ago
if theres a $50 to $100 price drop just before release then yea ! just like the 3ds $100 price drop when vita released
shivvy24  +   1063d ago
i meant 50 to 100 price drop on ps3 ! their like $280 in australia for 12gb
deadfrag  +   1063d ago
Of course not,the WII-U are already most sold out,SONY will still sell well because nintendo dont have product for demand this christmas.
Nutsack  +   1063d ago
Don't believe the WiiUpgrade 'sold out' marketing of Nintendo...

The first batch for pre order at shops they just locked at some hundreds of thousands ON PURPOSE.

This way, the retailers will make public they are sold out. Sure they are, of the lower than low stock they got from Nintendo.

This way, they try to have the public think 'if its sold out it must be great, I need to get me one'. You'll see at launch day, there will be availability. How well it'll be available depends on Nintendo's capability to produce as many as they can the coming month/months. The WiiUpgrade will be on the shelves.

I just hope the new PS3 superslim in retail will get the sub 200 pricing, which retailers can do. That would differentiate it enough from WiiUpgrade at 300 bucks, and give a much larger library of games, compared to that one WiiUpgrade Zombie game and a few others like Bayonetta 2. Overall we all know that the WiiUpgrade is up for a lot of old games from direct 360 ports, which will most often give a worse conversion. Like the PS3 got it too.

One is better off playing the better versions of those multiplats on PS3 and/or 360!
Ducky  +   1063d ago
Sony doesn't appear to be threatened, but you sure appear to be, for whatever odd reason.

...or else, you'd just call it the 'WiiU' instead of going through the trouble of typing out 'Upgrade' every single time.
deadfrag  +   1063d ago
well i dont think people are stupid and insted of picking a new console that still has many years (at least 5 or 6 years)of new games the WII-U,will pick a PS3 at almost the same price tag and in the end of the life cicle.Not to mention that those $50 that you pay more for a Wii U are well spent since its new tech compared to the PS3 tech.
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Nutsack  +   1062d ago
Not threatened, just being real. WiiUpgrade is Nintendo's upgrade to current gen PS3/360 level.

The Wii was a supercharged Gamecube, it was just overclocked pretty much. If you can't accept the facts, that is not my problem... The only thing new is that bulky tablet one touch controller aka a supersized DS basically.

@ deadfrag

Eh 5 or 6 years new games? First off: as long as this gen 360/PS3 lasts it'll get 3rd party ports from the 360. As the installed base on the WiiUpgrade is too little to become developing/main platform. Thus, worse versions of multiplats.

Then, when in 2013/2014 real next gen arrives, Xbox 8 and PSOrbis/PS4, which will be more powerfull than WiiUrine, you'll get the same as the Wii gets it now. Washed down watered down ports like COD on Wii, ROFL! Enjoy those...

The only thing a Nintendo console is good for, with the Wii and also the WiiUpgrade, will be 1st party Marios and Zeldas and a few other games.

A PS3 at 200 would be 100 or 1/3 less than a WiiUpgrade. Thats not 'almost the same price tag'. Then we haven't talked about old games like Batman and Mass Effect 3 with a premium price tag for WiiUpgrade at 60 bucks, while for PS3/360 they'll be in the budget bin at that time for 15 to 20 bucks.

Parents vote with their wallet, certainly in the current economic state.

WiiUpgrade ain't new tech dude, it uses a PowerPC triplecore CPU, lower clocked in Ghz than the 360. The GPU is a tad better. Its this gen stuff.
PopRocks359  +   1062d ago

Does it get tiresome spewing the same misinformation in every single comment you post? Sheesh. You can't even spell "Wii U" properly.
Quetzll  +   1062d ago
better GPU = less work from CPU

invalid argument
Griffin4871  +   1063d ago
Sony will soon learn that pricing these days is everything.
EffectO  +   1063d ago
Sony greatly underestimated Nintendo in Japan,and look were they are now...
Never underestimate Nintendo.
cleft5  +   1062d ago
Nintendo has the Monster Hunter franchise secured for the WiiU and the 3DS and they have the Dragon Quest franchise secured for the Wii and WiiU. Unless something major happens for Sony, they are pretty much dead in the water in Japan. Sony desperately needs an exclusive Final Fantasy or MGS game now, otherwise the WiiU will continue to sell out like crazy in Japan and Sony sells will remain on a steady decline.
miyamoto  +   1062d ago

What are you trying to say?
Sony does not even care for Nintendo's kiddie market since PlayStation One. And Sony can not be arsed to do that which is a let down at least for me.

Its not that they under estimated Nintendo in Japan its because they focused more on their own & bigger target market in the West where their market is directly under fire with a bigger threat - Microsoft.

Not saying it was a good situation.

I for one wanted the PS3 to have great games for younger gamers. But they can not afford to loose their own market to Microsoft primarily. They let the PSP have all the otaku games Japanese gamers needed anyways.

I have blasted Mr. Yoshida on Twitter why tey put more of their efforts for Western Studios compared to Japanese Studios.

That is how Nintendo got the better of them at least in Japan.
AJBACK2FRAG  +   1062d ago
True. Here's the deal. Sony will mock the WiiU for two-three years then release a PS4 w/ an Ipad like controller. Because... they have no good ideas. Except insulting their customers, being arrogant and hey look Crash is back!
DiRtY  +   1063d ago
what do you expect them to say?

"Yeah, Wii U will probably rape us this holiday season."
Griffin4871  +   1063d ago
Lmao. Good point.
AJBACK2FRAG  +   1062d ago
"No lube."
Crillvirus81  +   1063d ago
Wii u will pawn all consoles this Xmas till 2017 mark my words there 350$ now just imagine when 720 and ps4 come out they will drop there price and it's going to be wii vs 360 vs ps3 all over again with Nintendo haveing the cheapest console in stores and by then the games available in there library should be more then better then the other 2 consoles launch titles lol plus this time there consoles is in hd so graphics won't hurt Nintendo like they did with the wii
ChunkyLover53  +   1063d ago
Its not like they are going to come out and say "The PS3 is at the end of its cycle and you should buy a Wii U".

I am just thankful they haven't tried to pull a "Next gen doesn't start till we say so" approach. Means they've learned a little something from this generation.

Also, the Wii U looks to already be sold out everywhere, it probably has limited stock and will be super hard to find, Sony and Microsoft might find a bit of success because of that, but the Wii U is obviously going to be the biggie this holiday season.
boybato  +   1063d ago
there is something wrong... why is the 360 out of the picture?
Perjoss  +   1063d ago
I guess because it just seems to do OK no matter what is going on, apart from in Japan of course.
GrahamGolden  +   1062d ago
because its a pile of shit and nobody gives a fck in japan
AJBACK2FRAG  +   1060d ago
Straightupbeastly  +   1063d ago
When you say you're not threatened it means you're threatened. When you're not feeling threatened you don't even pay attention to it or say anything, like Microsoft.
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pcps3gamer   1062d ago | Spam
ALLWRONG  +   1062d ago
If current gen consoles remain at the same price then both MS and Sony have something to worry about. Wii U is the same price and has more power than both combined.
GrahamGolden  +   1062d ago
and who cares ?

sony and m$ are already dev for next gen..let nintendo do their solo war for all i care
Thepcz  +   1062d ago
lol as if sony would admit being scared
wiiu will be the number 1 xmas console

sony have what? ps3 superslim? thats the same price as a brand new wiiu console? get out of here! thats not competition!

people wont choose a 6 year old console over brand new tech if its the same price. sony shot themselves in the foot with the superslim. shame the price isnt superslim too.
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Shok  +   1062d ago
Sony, I love you.....

but let's be real here.
Moonman  +   1062d ago
They weren't concerned about 3DS and now it's 22+ million with momentum vs. circa 2 million Vita's with zero momentum.

Nintendo sure isn't worried, that's more like it.
DivineAssault  +   1062d ago
WHY SHOULD SONY BE SCARED? Sony doesnt care how many systems nintendo sells because they know that 3rd party games for the most part dont move on em.. Nintendo is strong at selling their own titles & some 3rd party but its mostly 1st.. Sony has many more games to choose from as well as an established user base so whats to worry about? There arent many software sales nintendo can take away from em.. I mean look at whats coming for it.. COD & AC3 might take a small amount away but theres so many more AAA games releasing that it wont matter.. This year & into the nx... Now by nx holiday season if the wii u picks up a lot of steam, sony will drop the price of ps3 even further & prepare to launch their nx console... Unless Wii U gets a lot more multiplat games that may effect software sales, it is no threat to PS3.. Nintendo does their own thing which is totally fine.. PS3 just has too many things to offer so i think theyre comfortable & will focus on what they do, making games & prepping for nx gen..
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PopRocks359  +   1062d ago

Maybe because some of their console packages are still about $300+ and Nintendo's next generation console is only slightly more expensive?
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DivineAssault  +   1062d ago
If they felt threatened, dont u think they wouldve priced this new model even cheaper? The wii u will attract a different crowd than what sony is going for.. The assymetrical games that it mostly has will get different gamers than what sony will bring in.. Sure wii u has core titles too but AC & COD can be bought on PS3, as well as many AAA core titles that wii u isnt getting.. Bayonetta may attract some ppl but if it didnt make ppl go nuts on 2 systems, i doubt itl be better being on 1.. Dont get me wrong cuz wii u could effect future PS3 sales after PS4 comes but as of now, they really dont need to take wii u seriously
PopRocks359  +   1062d ago

Sony also refuses to drop the price of the Vita. They can do whatever they think is right, but it's their heads when their financial issues get worse.
Apocalypso  +   1062d ago
I hate these kinds of articles. Of course Sony is threatened by Nintendo but at the same time it's not like they can admit it.

It does make Sony seem arrogant, but asking them these questions kinda backs them into a corner.
FinalomegaS  +   1062d ago
Sony can't be threatened, they have no clue of what the WiiU will be like this holiday... MS has been keeping it low for sometime now also.

For all we know, 30% of the systems pre-orders are for stock pile to re-sell at a markup. Have a bunch of WiiUs sitting around.

On the other hand, the system can be sold out until summer or longer due to demand. You can't keep fabricating a supply and demand scenario as you will eventually deal with your investors.

what if all the new multiplats come out on the wiiu and look better, frame rate etc. i would think the core gamers would really consider it. Some of you will only buy 1 system, i know finances are hard nowadays.
izumo_lee  +   1062d ago
I think consumers will eventually see that there are some hidden costs when buying the Wii U. Do not get me wrong cause Nintendo systems will sell no matter cause of their strong first party software. However i am questioning what some have to pay for the full experience.

First of all in an age of digital content the 32gb Wii U will need an external hard drive for added storage. Depending on what you want it can range from $80 to $200+ depending on the size.

Second is that the Wii U will only have one of those tablet controllers. Nintendo has only set a price in Japan for about $150, where does that leave the rest of the world?

Third is with only one tablet one has to buy the pro controller for another $50.

Added all up it is close to the price of a PS3 at launch. So consumers are smart sometimes & eventually they will figure out what Nintendo is up to.
BitbyDeath  +   1062d ago
Think i read a different article cause it didn't say that at all.

Nice spin tho
california  +   1062d ago
Sony shouldn't feel threatened. Sony and Nintendo have lived side by side for over a decade.

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