Crysis 3 multiplayer hands-on preview [BeefJack]

CRYSIS 3 will continue Prophet’s fight against the Ceph, but that story wasn’t being told on the Eurogamer Expo floor. We got to go head-to-head with two of the game’s multiplayer modes instead.

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GhostHero3332184d ago

sounds like fun. might actually get this one. I just rented crysis 2 and it was fun and all but didnt feel I needed to shell out $59.99 for it. This game sure is flying under the radar havent heard anything about this game in a few months until this article.

dazzrazz2184d ago

There was nothing fun about Crysis 2 Multiplayer component. It was a fucking disaster (at least on consoles) in every possible way. Crytek dropped the ball just couple of weeks after game hit the retail store so, no I'm gonna wait until new copies hit the low $19.99 or get used one to play SP