Console Domination: Resident Evil 6 Review

Console Domination writes: Resident Evil is a franchise that has evolved a lot since it was first envisioned back in 1996 and with a fifth motion picture on the horizon and more video game entries than you can shake an umbrella at its fair to say it has meant a great deal of success for Capcom. Enter Resident Evil 6, the latest game in the long running franchise. Featuring numerous returning characters, a brand new bio-terrorist threat and a with number of new co-operative modes on board, this is certainly the most ambitious title in the series to date. The question is, have Capcom delivered a winner with Resident Evil 6 or should you just sit this one out?

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CanadianTurtle2181d ago

8.5 feels too high in my book. But I respect this guy's opinion. The game's presentation and story is excellent! But the gameplay needs a lot of work. That kind of game deserves a solid rating of 7/10, nothing more.