WWE '13: Number of DLC Characters Revealed by the Strategy Guide

WWE '13: Number of DLC Characters Revealed by the Strategy Guide

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Omnislash2185d ago

Does the WWE pay N4G for these news posts to show up in the front page every single time?

roadkillers2184d ago

Hey, people like wrestling games. It is an easy way to become WWE champion without losing the weight or gaining the muscle. Plus... Stone Cold.

GamerEuphoria2184d ago

Wrestling games are still popular, just some people are ashamed to admit they still play them...or watch WWE ;)

GanjaMan2184d ago

naaa its just Americans haven't figured out that WWE isnt real yet, shhh dont tell them, their brains can't handle the truth.

King_many_layers2184d ago

There are people that simply don't care that it's scripted and can enjoy it as it's own form of entertainment.

I've never been dissapointed that Theatre isn't 'real'

ShadowKingx2185d ago

thats about all this guide will do, you don’t need a guide to play this kind of wrestling game.

if it was like the WWF attitude game on Playstation 1 then yeah a guide would help but not todays wrestling games.

FutureWWEChampion2184d ago

O snap lol theres a guid that reveals all 25 dlc let me know where i can get this lol.

Darkspade2184d ago

Why is the DLC when the game isn't released?

DLC needs to be a after thought

Dovahkiin2184d ago

Developers these days plan ways to get more of your money before you even have your hands on the game, it's disgusting.

SheenuTheLegend2184d ago

this should be made illegal as soon as possible

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