Valve counts to 3: Left 4 Dead 3 coming 'some time down the road'

Valve can count to three after all, Chet Faliszek has suggested, revealing that a third Left 4 Dead game could be released "some time down the road" - alongside Half-Life 3 and Portal 3.

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ATi_Elite2144d ago

There will be No games with a "3" in the title from Valve!

all of Valve Games will be going the MMO/Online route with new content added all the time like Team Fortress 2.

Portal World, Left 4 Dead Online, Half Life Forever, etc. but No "3's"!

Half Life will still have it's strong SP experience but expect to be trusted into the HL world as one of the many Resistance Fighters for some kind of MMO/FPS/RPG experience

DeadlyFire2144d ago

hmm... maybe.

Source Engine 2 is a must for all of it though.

If games like Mass Effect 3's MP mode, Warface, FUSE are being thrown into the market. Its possible F2P could happen with Valve's titles with microtransactions.

Likely there would be some kind of end to Gordan before HL goes MMOFPS, unless its SP/MP MMO mode mix that continues on.

I personally do believe 3's are possible on Valve's games, but have not seen it yet. Would be nice to one day. I think Valve enjoys taunting gamers more than developing a game honestly.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

Valve should make l4d3 more open world game. Also I would like pc/ps3 cross platform co-op.

1%? how did this happen then?

Trago13372144d ago

i play so much L4D, it's insane! :D

Bladesfist2144d ago

A lot of us are already in next gen (Valve customers that is)

ChunkyLover532144d ago

Ya right, I think I read once that 1% of the PC population actually owned a PC that could play a game like Battlefield 3 the way it was supposed to be played?

So I'm thinking they need to wait until the next round of consoles are released so that they'll have an even ground to release the game on. There is no standard with PC's, so if they were to release a next gen version, a lot of people would be trying to run it on medium settings or worse.

My point is, we've had two this generation and I'd rather play it on a next gen console, especially since I hate PC gaming.

Bladesfist2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

I did not know if you were aware but valve makes most of its money from PC. They will get all of the profit from selling on steam. The half life and portal fanbases are biggest on PC. You would have to be crazy to deny it.

1% of the PC population, well duh. If you include home pc and workstations ofc it will be low. I will now say that 1% of the console population can play snes games.

Portal 2 sold better on PC than both consoles combined and you call it a small chunk?

eferreira2144d ago

hopefully on the ps3 this time

ExCest2144d ago

Get that cross-platform going!

Xbox is too inclusive when it comes to Valve stuff.

v0rt3x2144d ago

I'll be seriously pissed if L4D3 will come out before HL3.

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