Top 10 Sidequests in The Legend of Zelda Series

ZD writes: Zelda is home to some of the strongest, most memorable sidequests in all of gaming. Their indisputable charm derives from the lovable cast of characters, variety of locations and the way these sidequests are executed. Hardly will two sidequests feel the same or even share a similar structure. Each feels hand-crafted and developed with care, which is why it’s so difficult to choose my ten favorite sidequests from the series.

What constitutes a sidequest eligible of being on the list? Not much, really. It can span the length of the whole game or be five minutes long. It must, however, lead to the acquisition of an optional item or the achievement of an optional. This makes the list of possibilities a mile long, as each and every installment in the franchise offers Pieces of Heart, other collectibles, special equipment and privileges to be obtained outside of the main quest. Make the jump to see which sidequests are a cut above the rest!

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3-4-52178d ago

Side Quests in Legend of Zelda games are much better than the Dungeons.

Dungeons = frustration

Side Quests = evolving the story. At least in Zelda games.

I'd rather it be all side quests and no dungeons. I realize I'm in the minority on this opinion though.

Xof2178d ago

Why not have both? Majora's Mask did a great job of merging side quests with dungeons.

Hell, I'd argue that Zelda questing really peaked with Majora's Mask. None of the subsequent games really managed to achieve the same level of characterization and world-building with their sidequests as MM, and I'm fairly certain MM had more sidequests than any of the others.

I mean, hell, MM's big innovation was that quest log-book thing, and it was a necessity due to all the stuff going on... and it hasn't been in any other Zelda gmae since.

Honestly, I think Zelda needs to look at Majora's Mask as the game to model subsequent titles after. Sure, Skyward Sword was decent, but imagine how much better it would have been with a seamless world, and more--interconnected--quests?