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Dusytcartridge: "Veterans of the game like myself will notice that many of the flaws in the game, the ones that didn’t actually add any character to the title, are still very much in play. I find it hard to blame From Software for this oversight, because the only reason the PC version exists at all is because of fan petitioning. Having said that, it would have been nice to play the game without attacks going through walls and semi-delayed actions."

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DestinyHeroDoomlord1999d ago

Dark souls is awesome, but the way i see it is either a 10 or a 0.

OcelotRigz1999d ago

True, i definitely noticed the people who i recommended this game either loved it and became as addicted as i was or had no interest at all and couldn't understand why i loved it so much.

Kinda like MGS series, its either love or hate.

MrAnderson1999d ago

great game, but not "perfect" for a start, the prepare to die edition is a horrible console port, and secondly, the biggest problem i have with the game is the fact they force you to run back through a 1-2 minute (sometimes longer) area to get back to a boss you died on.

it becomes monotonous until you finally beat that boss, and i won't even mention the horribly dodgy net code that leads to laggy fights online aswell as "summoning failed/invasion failed"

like i said, great, game, but 10/10? come on.

tubers1999d ago

Yes! I am also quite annoyed by such "runs" when losing to a boss.. but I guess some would defend it as a way for the player to take some sort of small break and think.. and make them work harder cuz if you don't, you'd have to do the boring "run" again..

Sometimes it kinda makes the game's length "artificial" due to the way the developers made their checkpoint system.. It's definitely a love it or hate it thing..

After watching runs in youtube tho (specially by the user vageta311); the game's actually pretty easy to deal with.

WOOPS! Getting scatterbrained again.. sorry.