Sony: PS3 hasn't even peaked in Europe

Sony will continue to support the PlayStation 3 for several years.

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Paragon1935d ago

"We're nowhere close to giving up on PS3."

Sweet! :)

B_Rian891935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

they still need to hit sweet price point @ $200. If I'm not mistaken that's when the PS2 really boomed in sales.
But then again it could be too little too late since we're almost at the end of this gen

The Meerkat1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

When does this gen end?

Is it with the launch of the Wii U?
Or the announcement of the PS4/720 at E3?

Or is it once the PS3 has more sales than the Wii?

Edit: As this is N4G I expect the answer will be yes to all three questions

Half-Mafia1935d ago

For me the generation ends when Nintendo, Sony & MS stop manufacturing the Wii,PS3 & 360. So last generation (PS2,Gamecube and Xbox) has not ended yet because Sony is still manufacturing the PS2. The same goes for the DS & PSP, even though the 3DS & Vita are out.

Information Minister1935d ago

I would say this generation ends when manufacturers and developers shift their focus to new hardware and the rate of software being published on the old platforms drops significantly.

If you really want to get technical about it, you could say the generation ends when the manufacturers stop producing the hardware, or when the publishers stop releasing software.

Do those answers fall within your sarcastic expectations?

miyamoto1935d ago

The PS2 is still being manufactured & still selling

Belking1935d ago

What's with all the PR crap lately? Do people really expect them to say something negative about their own product?

BitbyDeath1935d ago

It's all from the same interview, 'journalists' and i use that term loosely are writing a hundred articles based off that.

fermcr1935d ago

"Sony: PS3 hasn't even peaked in Europe"

The way Sony treats Europeans, I'm surprised by the sales Sony's having over here.

SnakeCQC1935d ago

i was just about to say the same thing. Scee is sooooooo bad and it used to be ALOT worst. The price of digital games is 20% more than the retail copy WTF

Acquiescence1935d ago

Amsterdam I believe was the place.

NoFanboyRequired1935d ago

Lol, thanks for the laugh. Bubs up to you!

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