Actress Eliza Dushku can't live without her console

Examiner: The Jace Hall Show decided to get actress Eliza Dushku in on a video of her rapping about how she can't live without her game console. I love how the song pays homage to hip hop star, LL Cool J's, "I Can't Live Without My Radio", even when she holds up a PlayStation 3 on her shoulder like a boombox.

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JakemanPS319941669d ago

I loved her in buffy and Angel... its cool to see she loves games

-Mika-1669d ago

The only movie I remember her from was Wrong turn. She was pretty good in that movie. I thought she would be a breakout star but that didn't happen...

SPAM-FRITTER-1231669d ago

Nobody remember her from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back?

Jockamo1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Bring It On

Lucretia1668d ago

I loved her in Dollhouse

killershadow1171668d ago

It's not a movie but she was in Saints Row 2.

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ConstipatedGorilla1669d ago

I've never even heard of this chick.

Persistantthug1669d ago

I mean, I wouldn't exactly call her a superstar....but she's been around long enough that you couldn't have missed her...

You'd have to almost be trying to miss her.

ConstipatedGorilla1669d ago

You're right - I was lying. I know who she is, but didn't want to admit it.... Sorry for having a life outside of this site and not knowing every actress that "graces" your television set. You need to take your own advice and "get out very much".

The_Devil_Hunter1669d ago

Haha he tells you to get a life? What does getting out more have to do with knowing an actress.

ConstipatedGorilla1669d ago

He says I don't get out enough, which is why I don't know who a tv actress is. Try to keep up.

I spend my time at baseball and hockey games, not sitting in front of a tv for obscene amounts of time. You probably didn't even know those were actual real sports you can play without a controller.

Army_of_Darkness1669d ago

Easy there superstar, lol! I think your constipation is getting to you bro;-)

calis1669d ago

"He says I don't get out enough, which is why I don't know who a tv actress is. Try to keep up."

He was agreeing with you...

Boody-Bandit1669d ago

For a ConstipatedGorilla you sure have diarrhea of the mouth.

nukeitall1668d ago

I love how somebody happens to *not* know a particular actress is, gets 26 disagrees to 3 agrees. Then a l**** comes along and ironically says "you must not get out much". Did it it occur that this person gets out more, and likely doesn't know who she is?

We don't all sit coped up all day, watch TV, read people magazine and follow the latest actors/actresses.

Some of us spend more time "out" than watching TV all day!

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FACTUAL evidence1669d ago

Not saying this cuz she likes games, but I always wanted to screw this girl since i was a kid and saw the movie bring it Letme get ur psn girl!!! xD

bigrob9041668d ago

i have to agree with you 100%, ever since bring it on, i wanted to hit that. it helps that she likes games too, sometimes it makes them hotter to me.

CommonSense1669d ago

this doesn't show how she loves games. this shows how she can do the same thing other actresses do when they're paid to say and do whatever.

in fact, it reminds me of that stupid SNL natalie portman rap. right down to the attitude and lyrics delivery.

pretty lame. not funny. not interesting.

pixelsword1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Yeah, yeah; you can see that with ease but the kill.switch/Gears copying goes above everyone's head.

If she had a 360 on her certain people would be praising her.

CommonSense1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

that's idiotic. i didn't even notice what console she had in her hand. i just noticed that the rap sucked and the video wasn't funny. and, that it wasn't a genuine expression of how she feels about "her console."

there is a psychological term known as seem to do it quite often.

t0mmyb0y1668d ago

I know she was acting, but Natalie Portman was about to get it if she was in reach after watching that lol I was obsessed when I first saw it. My gf will back me up on that one >.>

t0mmyb0y1668d ago

You see the part in the title 'parody'? She's an actress. Says that in the title to lol. Nothing against you but she probably just plays Wii. :D

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-Mika-1669d ago

Her acting career must be dead since she doing this...

GamerElite1669d ago

She didn't have much of a movie career to begin with. I only saw her in Wrong Turn.

Adexus1669d ago

You never watched True Lies!?

WeskerChildReborned1669d ago

Well she played in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, The New Guy, and she voiced Shaundi in Saint's Row 2.

Cryptcuzz1669d ago

Wasn't she also in those Bring It On movies?

Uhhh!....Don't ask me how I know!

WeskerChildReborned1669d ago

Well i haven't really seen her in any movies or TV shows lately.

BitbyDeath1669d ago

She was in Whedons Dollhouse recently but that show has since been axed.

Rhezin1669d ago

Don't forget her academy award-winning performance playing Shwartzenegger's daughter in True Lies! lol

DarkBlood1669d ago

ah that movie was awsome but i didnt notice her in that i better check it out, hopfullyi can find it on blu-ray on boxing day

ChickeyCantor1669d ago

SO you're a gaming person. Why the attention?

ChickeyCantor1669d ago

I have the feeling those disagrees are coming from "guys" who would defend her for being a girl. Fap away boys.

The whole point is to throw away the stereotypes, yet she makes a circus out of it. There shouldn't be any attention for this. Girl gamers exists. They are f'n gamers. Get over it.

Qrphe1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

She knows this is definitely good publicity. The whole Reddit crowd that's probably going to fall in love with her is to say something like "You game girl? Awesome, you is so cash! You like rage comics????? Do an AMA!"
A lot of of attractive public female figures know there is a gigantic audience for gamer girls so they want to be everyone's WET dream.

Braid1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

You're right sidar, ironically she's trying to be adored by the gamers of whom she makes fun with this video by calling them "noobs" and all, yet funny enough, they'll be the ones falling in love with her. Wrap your head around that.

It's just some kind of a parody though, and I appreciate the effort of voicing out that girls play games too, it's nothing to think too deeply about. But I have to admit as well, for a video aiming to destroy stereotypes, the ones in this video are far too much.

There are kind lady gamers out there, and there are gamer guys who aren't rude at all. Girls don't have to be rude like most of the gamers to keep up with them. It's just you have to choose who to play games with carefully. If you're playing games with underages, well, you should expect anything to happen.