Microsoft Unveils 2 Wireless Laser Mice

Mobilewhack writes:

"Microsoft has recently unveiled two new wireless laser mice -- the Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 and the Wireless Laser Mouse 7000. The Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 is a full-sized mouse with portable snap-in transceiver which offers users the same portability as that of the usual notebook mouse. The Wireless Laser Mouse 7000, on the other hand, is being marketed using its stylish appearance. Both mice features the Windows Flip 3D one-touch access, Tilt Wheel tool, and Magnifier tool. The 6000 model will sell for US$49.95 and the 7000 model for US$69.95 on March of 2008."

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wageslave3597d ago

This is the nicest keyboard / mouse in the market:

If you've got a PS3 that would need a blue-tooth keyboard/mouse, this should be on your shopping list.

THWIP3596d ago

No Sony fanboy/PS3 owner, would dare give MS any of their money. Of course, most of them are too dense to realize they've already done so, at some point, anyway. :o

Skerj3596d ago

Uh I own a PS3 and I'm using MS's wireless optical desktop 5000, so what's that about?

PlayStation3603596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

I am a PS3 owner aswell and love my 360 (a microsoft product it seems). So your logic is false. I am not blinded by company name. If it's a good product, and I need/want said product, I will purchase it.

ravinash3596d ago

That is a nice looking keyboard....hmmmm....maybe.

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Kakkoii3596d ago

I think that one in the display picture looks freaking awesome lol.

It's cool how it's sorta shaped into your hand, instead of just having your hand sit on the mouse.

Bnet3433596d ago

Microsoft mices are always hit or miss.

Skerj3596d ago

I think the 8000 is better than both of those, at least for desktops anyway and it's the same price.

mighty_douche3596d ago

whaaa? i thought the day of keyboard and mouse was dead Bill?

Guess you can rape every last penny out of us first huh? ill stick with my G7 thanks.

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