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Muffins12231940d ago

Amazing...this is so much more content to offer than treyarch

shivvy241940d ago

blame activision , not treyarch !

3-4-51940d ago

Treyarch is offering Much more content. I like COD games made by Treyarch because they try.

Don't hate trey because IW made horrible MW3.

Halo 4 is going to be awesome as well.

AdjacentStalker1940d ago

Call of Duty can just take a seat. These screenshots make me more excited than Black ops 2 full campaign gameplay and thats supposed to be the best part. HALO 4!!

Septic1940d ago

OMG, Valhalla + Mechs....*drools*

mewhy321940d ago

wow!!! Halo 4 looks amazing. I can't wait!!!

guitarded771940d ago

It really does look amazing. 343 is doing a great job, and I'm not even a Halo fan.

aviator1891940d ago

No, they aren't.
Those are all in-game, as confirmed by frankie over at neogaf. I dont think Halo ever has used mp bullshots before..

LAWSON721940d ago

they are polished and are smaller images so they are bullshots

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