30 Years of Triumph, and Tragedy, For an Iconic Games Retailer

Kotaku - The TV was a wedding present, a Rank Arena. The previous generation had its problems; it was built from poor components, it broke down easily. But the new model? It was indestructible. A good wedding present, they said.

Mary Cusumano. Just married. To Angelo, a hard working young man she met four years ago at another wedding. Mary doesn't say much about that day - understandable - it was over 35 years ago - but she clearly remembers that something ‘clicked'.

Four years later, in 1981, Mary was happily married, sleeping in a house cluttered with towering piles of Atari 2600 games and one single colour television.

"I can go back all the way back to where it started," says Mary Cusumano.

This is where The Gamesmen story begins. 31 years ago, in this house. With a wedding, four separate piles of video games and a brand new Rank Arena.

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