Grand Theft Auto IV - The Steinway Beer Garden

Gametrailers:"This is male bonding, the way it should be."

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Mr PS33595d ago

Please landlord and put a brolly in it or i'll shove this pool cue up yer arse

spandexxking3595d ago

you get a bubble for that! brightened up my day!

Iamback3594d ago

and you both get from me a bubble.

vloeistof3595d ago

lol cant wait for gta iv.

you think south park will make a episode for it

Coffin873594d ago

rofl why not..
a south park GTA episode. i can't imagine how it would like, but hey, it sounds like fun if you ask me!!

LastDance3594d ago

Hmmm Graphics are fairly ugly but thats expected. I hope the story Gets a bit more involved this time around. Did anyone really know why they were doing the missions that they were doing?