Rumor: Currys dropping HD DVD

From PSLegion:

"Now take this with a grain of salt but 'Home Cinema Choice' is reporting that Curry's, who also own PC World and Dixons are dropping HD DVD. Now forget Woolworths, if this turns out to be true, its probably the biggest blow to face HD DVD since the Warner announcement. Currys are probably the biggest electronics retailer in the UK. Having a quick peek at their site, and you will find that Currys online and Dixons do not have any HD DVD players for sale. No doubt we will hear an announcement in the next few days. Its never been a better time to go Blu!"

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aggh im on fire3783d ago

They stopped selling A/c cables as well the other day...funny that.

nicholascage243783d ago

PSlegion is usually a source for reliable news,although they are ps3 based their news are mostly accurate.I believe this could turn out to be true

resistance1003783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

They also have stopped selling TV's whcih don't have digital tuners built in.

Edit - @nicholascage24

Cheers for following the site. We do try our best

cooke153783d ago

another playstation fansite spewing hd dvd rumours again.. If this were the other way around it would never be posted. This site is awfuly biased.

meepmoopmeep3783d ago

i don't know how big these companies are in the U.S. are they a very big franchise?

sonarus3783d ago

hahaha are you f'in kidding me. were you here when it was mgs4 to 360 rumors every other day. Remember they were so frequent it was pretty much confirmed in every ones minds. At some point there were pretty much rumors for every single ps3 exclusive jumping ship on a daily basis. Playstation fans were vastly outnumbered on this site when the mart stood firm with like 10 bubbles while he spewed ps3 crap everyday and anyone who came up in ps3's defense lost bubbles before they could blink.

lodossrage3783d ago

When Paramount went HD DVD exclusive all you saw on this site were articles and news posts about it for a good four days. So yeah, this site is indeed ran by fan bases. However, don't sit here and try to make like it's one sided. Because it's not

ITR3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

Yep, basically anything against HD DVD gets posted here. Very seldom do you see negative BD articles on here...but thats use to be a Sony fansite before going neutral so to speak.

Thanks who ever popped my bubble.
You could at least post a reply.

Chuck Norris3783d ago

It's very seldom you see negative BD articles. If you do find one be sure to post it here.

chrno63783d ago

Well, in fact there were tons of anti-blu-ray articles when Paramount swiched side. You don't see any now simply because there aren't any.

Nathaniel_Drake3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

Could be because Blu-ray is dominating, not meant to be offensive. If Blu-ray is dominating what negative news can occur? Obviously once HD-DVD concedes the only news you will be seeing regarding the HD format is movie releases. IMHO Toshiba is doing this to themselves, I think its them you want toreally blame. I would agree with your post if the war were split 50/50, but it is not.

meepmoopmeep3783d ago

there really isn't negative news to post about BD. and Toshiba is doing this to themselves

bootsielon3783d ago

Currys IS dropping HD-DVD. The question isn't "will they?", but rather "When will they?". So, the headline should read: "Rumor: Currys dropping HD DVD soon" instead of "Rumor: Currys dropping HD DVD", because they sure as hell will. It's only a matter of time. Hell, thanks for stating the obvious.

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