DICE: Developers Argue Pros and Cons of Middleware

Representatives from Insomniac, Epic Games and Ubisoft gathered at the DICE Summit on Friday afternoon to discuss the question of whether it's wiser for developers to build their own game tech or to buy middleware instead.

Developers who prefer to go the middleware route say that it allows them to reduce the risk and cost of creating games while speeding up the development process. Those on the opposite side of the debate argues that using someone else's technology actually increases the risk that a game will run into unexpected costs and potentially devastating delays.

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jackdoe3788d ago

Of course Epic is going to argue for middleware. That is how they make most of their money.

antoinetm3788d ago

Unreal engine lost its edge, it was relevant in the early 2000'
but now it seem to be outclassed with each new engine released.

Ubi used to do a great job with that engine (splinter cell, graw, etc.) but the recent games seem to lack something. (R6, graw2)

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