UK Charts: FIFA 13 Shifts One Million Units To Secure Top Spot

One Hit Pixel: "Q4 has well and truly kicked off with FIFA 13 shifting one million units in its opening week to join an elite club and confirm its number one status this week."

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mafiahajeri2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Wow great I contributed to 2 copies :D

abzdine2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

top seller in UK that's ridiculous. People buying squad updates full price i understand why the gaming market lost all its creativity and variety..

I bought LBP Vita and Dead or Alive 5. These two are more than simple updates.

Again the haters, you are free to disagree, but if you think a second you'll see that i'm not completely wrong.

Tultras2148d ago

You expect everyone to respect your opinion while you disrespect their decision to buy FIFA 13, wow.

abzdine2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

i didnt tell anybody not to buy it but i will for sure not buy this game because it's nothing than squad update from last year, AI still retarded, finesse shot always go in, retarded defense system, retarded referee.....

in a year they dont have time to add much things and this year there is absolutely no difference from last year (even the price is the same).

there is much more interesting to buy than FIFA and COD every year.

@Animal Mutha 76 below: this is the typical thing than i will never understand. You buy a game it's worse than the previous one you decide to play the previous one and when next one releases you do the same. if you are that rich then please buy one for me as well

mcstorm2148d ago

I have to disagree with what you just said as Fifa 13 imo is far better than 12 was. I could not get into 12 and I think with the Kinect speech added to the new version makes a big difference to the game too.

I also got LBP Vita too as I love the game but imo Fifa 13 is a big jump forward from 13 and im happy to pay full price for it

if you were talking about COD ide understand but I think EA have done a good job with Fifa 13 over 12.

The other thing you need to remember that here in the UK its our NO 1 sport the only other 2 sports we really follow is Rugby and Cricket. We are not like the USA where we have 100 Amazing different sports teams for some reason its all football here so another reason why it sells well.

Looks like LBP Vita has not sold very well though. I do hope sony bundle this game with the PSV to try and get the sales of the console up as the game is amazing and a must own game and again imo the PSV is also a must own console.

pompombrum2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

It was always going to sell well however while I usually disagree, this year I do actually agree that it doesn't deserve full price.

Is it better than 12? Yes by quite a bit but so many re-occurring problems from previous fifas that should have been fixed. It certainly doesn't feel like a full blown sequel in terms of new content. Minimal improvements to career, skill games which offer very little and a few fancy new names to make it look like they've put effort in.

Still despite this,it will still offer me more hours of play over the next 12 months than probably any other game but that's because it's the best football game of the season as opposed to a 10/10 memorable classic.

Animal Mutha 762148d ago

I'm not a FIFA player but 3 of my mates play it all the time and last night they were all on Fifa 13 on Xbox. Apparently its quite a bit better than 12. My friends all bought 12 but went back to 11 as they said it was better.

Whatever your thoughts on yearly games I have to aknowledge that as a team game for a good lads night its a great formula and this is why it sells well in the UK as we are nuts about our footy.

Off topic. Just watching the Rider cup day 3 highlights. Well done Europe and it seems like justice to silence all those annoying USA! USA! USA! chants.

TheLyonKing2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Stayed up just to watch the Ryder cup, when Furyk missed I knew it was going to be in Europes favour.

No better feeling than clawing back from 10-4 and winning :D

Fez2148d ago

Some of the American fans were awful. Booing European players teeing off and same for brilliant shots. Booing European players for getting birdies and not even appreciating the great golf... Fair enough they want to win but you gotta respect your opposition.

As for footie games, I haven't bought one since PES4 so it's about time I got one! Good fun with mates but I hate buying yearly games. £40 and its obsolete in 6 months :(

TheLyonKing2148d ago

one million in the UK, impressive.

MGRogue20172148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Ugh.. football games.. >.>

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