Halo 4 - Hands-on [UpperPad]

The return of Master Chief. The coveted, hoped and expected return of one of the most popular sagas in modern gaming. Halo is without a doubt one of the biggest hits of the last two generations of consoles, managing to elicit real love for gamers around the world. After the third chapter in numerical order, the head back in a new adventure that will take us to finally discover places hitherto unexplored, but also new enemies and unexpected twists of history. The desire for a regular chapter is undoubtedly up to one thousand after playing an expansion, a prequel, a remake and a strategic HD repetition of the first chapter (without adding the animated series.) Halo 4 is presented as the flagship title of the season Christmas at Microsoft. The new team will be able to maintain the same quality standards to which we had used Bungie?

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