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Even though old-school fans might still miss the survival horror direction of the original games, there is still a very solid game here that offers up a few creepy moments among its hours of satisfying gunplay.

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CaptainYesterday2185d ago

Was watching a walkthrough of this earlier it might not be a survival horror game but damn this game look's incredibly fun and Leon's campaign is at least a little creepy.

SolidDuck2185d ago

Demo was pretty boring, I know it was just a demo, but it seemed pretty lame.

FEARprototype2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

yes the demo sucks but the whole game is pretty different.
its a great game but the most disappointing thing about the game is that there isn't any weapon shop and you can't upgrade your weapon.
the horror is pretty weak because am pretty old now and its not easy to scary me{there isn't anything scary really, if you hate spider or fly's, your into a big surprise}
the mercenary mode is decent and there isn't anything new in it.
there isn't any sense of exploration and the skill system suck just sucks.
depending on people the game will be from 7.5 to 9, not everyone is going to like but i think its a great game but i hope capcom listen to there fans next time.
keep the co-op in extra mode like lost in nightmare or something or the mercenary.
focus on 1 character.
less scripted moment.
wild open stages and more exploration
have most of the enemies use melee and keep the one with guns limited.
have more meaningful QTE like from resident evil 4,god hand,bayonetta.
meaningful friendly A.I that are not scapegoat.
real horror.
improved net-code.
bring weapon shop and management back{resident evil 4}
and please listen to fans that understand.

MySwordIsHeavenly2185d ago

I'd say this one is much more survival horror than RE4 or RE5. I love it!