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The point of view that you use is important. Sometimes essential, to avoid the risk of scrutinizing something even in the details, from a non-optimal. A subtle difference, if we want, but we can explain perfectly the point of view from which we approached Resident Evil 6. If you were lucky enough to play any of the previous episodes, even better if you are the first chapters, you looked forward to this Resident Evil 6 with many doubts and many questions. The recent release of the demo version will certainly have reduced your mood, we might suppose. Yet it is precisely here that is your mistake. Because they thought that Capcom ragionasse historians as one of the many fans of the series or that reasonably could take into consideration the expectations and desires. An error that can be explained simply by having caught a spark where the fire had been extinguished by years and offers a dual interpretation.

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mafiahajeri2185d ago

Can't be that bad. I'm warming up to the new atmosphere whatching damnation and playing the demo it's been out here for a while now and I just might pick it up.

Lucretia2185d ago

cant wait for the game, but damnation was an abyssmal movie, just plain bad. all the live action ones are FAR better.

degeneration was so much better, i got so dissapointed

mafiahajeri2185d ago

You've gotta be kidding me degeneration was a borefest this one was funny action based and great fOr a video game cgi movie

Bimkoblerutso2185d ago

Guys, guys...when you get down to brass tacks, they're ALL pretty terrible.

Lucretia2185d ago

i disagree, While degeneration was still crap, it was more interesting.

some parts were funny in damnation, but i found it to be soooooo bad. the story had no point at all, some of the very random fight scenes were done well, but i guess again, it was just the core story that sucked

Thepcz2185d ago

i watched a bit of a gameplay video on youtube and i notice how much space you have to maneuver :l even indoors the corridors seem really wide.. sort of destroys the claustrophobia of the first games

anyway, what do you think of these?


FEARprototype2185d ago

next resident evil ideas:
keep the co-op in extra mode like lost in nightmare or something or the mercenary.
focus on 1 character.
less scripted moment.
wild open stages and more exploration.
have most of the enemies use melee and keep the one with guns limited.
have more meaningful QTE like from resident evil 4,god hand,bayonetta.
meaningful friendly A.I that are not scapegoat.
real horror.
improved net-code.
bring weapon shop and management back{resident evil 4}

Grap2185d ago

apparently Lollipop Chainsaw is better than this Codish game.

turgore2185d ago

Its a crap action game, and a crap horror game.

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