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GameInformer: "Even if it's not quite the full sequel we were hoping for, Pokémon Black and White Version 2 offers an inviting world, and time flies by as you get absorbed."

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Godchild10202238d ago

Wow it got 1.25 less then its predecessor. The game is going to sell well no matter what, so the score means nothing.

LOGICWINS2238d ago

Clearly the score means something to you since you bothered to calculate the difference in scores in comparison to the original Black and White.

Godchild10202238d ago

I never said it meant nothing to me though. I checked becase I wanted to know how GI rated it compared to the first one. Sequals should be better and I won't know until I pick it up.

LOGICWINS2238d ago

Yeah. Personally, I think I might just hold out for Pokemon 3DS. I don't think Black and White 2 is THAT much better than the original to warrant a purchase.