Has Sony Given Up In Japan?

With Sony's push of Western focused shooters like Killzone, Resistance, and Mag. Furious Francis wonders if Sony is leaving the Japanese console market behind?

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Godmars2902064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

Wouldn't an article like this be more substantive if it asked why haven't the console makers who sell under a thousand a week on a regular basis given up in Japan?

Or is that less that a thousand a month?

Catoplepas2064d ago

Because then it wouldn't be a doom article about Sony.

And as we all know doom and Sony are the 2 variables needed for a successful N4G opinion piece.

Snookies122064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

That's right! Whatever gets hits... And we all know it's "cool" to hate Sony right now. So that's what'll get hits. People can complain all they want. Sony is doing more for the game industry in terms of new IPs than ANYONE else this generation. They're not afraid to take risks, which means the industry won't stagnate quite as much as it has been lately.

I'm more of a PC gamer, but seriously... Microsoft and Nintendo really need to do more to try and get some fresh ideas into the market today. Sequels of great games are always nice, but go too far with it and you might lose out on the next possible gem that "would" have been had it not been put toward Call of Duty 11, or Resident Evil 10 lol.

A-Glorious-Dawn2064d ago

yes you can't have a doom article without a healthy dose of gloom..

Theyellowflash302063d ago

Who says the article is hating or dooming Sony?
Read the article before you post your opinion.

Mounce2063d ago

I shall make a new article...

Catoplepas, doomed for teh BANS for forming a logical statement about N4G's Opinionated and cliched articles!

Somewhere in there I'll talk about Vita or PS3 being Teh Doomed for the obvious lulz of attention and site trafficking because PS3 can't do grass and Vita can't do Call of Duties'.

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HarryMasonHerpderp2064d ago

There are plenty of Japanese focused games on the PS3 we just don't see them because they don't get released in the west.

miyamoto2064d ago

It's because these bloggers are desperate for hits.

Like Eminem says "it feels so empty with out PS3".

They live off by these sony doom articles but they really need new stuff to write about because its getting boring, honestly & they are at the brink of loosing their jobs.

stonecold32064d ago

nope sony aint going any where maybe for microsoft thought ?

dredgewalker2064d ago

It's an opinion piece.....but it proves that some opinions are just plain dumb.

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