The Other XCOM Game Might Now Be a Third-Person Shooter

"While everyone gets excited over Firaxis' very-promising XCOM remake, it's easy to forget that there was once another XCOM game on the cards from 2K. One we haven't seen nor heard from for a very long time.

There may be a good reason for that. First seen by the public as a uniquely retro first-person shooter, these screenshots sent in by a Kotaku reader - part of what we're told was a recent marketing survey - suggest the game has gone back to the drawing board, coming back as a third-person shooter."

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fermcr2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

Actually i kind of liked the FPS vibe shown on the first videos from XCOM. I hope they don't screw this up changing it to 3rd person. I'm curious.

Still anxiously awaiting for the release of XCOM Enemy Unknown. *claps hands like a foll*

RivetCityGhoul2114d ago

a 30 downloadable game? ill take that. personally that would be the best way to put it out. i'm pretty sure 2K doesn't want their two XCOM games cannibalizing each other in sales.

Laxman2114d ago

Hope it doesnt screw it up, it was looking really good.

Just seems a little late to be completely changing the perspective (becuase the rest of the gameplay mechanics should be built around it to make the most of it).