The Thumbstick Warriors – Episode 8: Borderlands 2 & Transformers: FoC

Thumbstick Warriors writes: "Welcome back everyone! We’ve got another new and exciting Thumbstick Warriors podcast for ya. That’s right episode 8 is in the can and is ready for the world! We have been away for a little while but you can be sure that Jerrett and myself have been putting in the time with some of the latest games, namely Borderlands 2 and Transformers: Fall of Cybertron and we will give you our opinions on both of those blockbuster games.

In this episode we also find out that Jerrett went out and got himself a Vita, so we get to hear his impressions on Sony’s all new handheld console. We also chat about Sony’s recent announcements from the Tokyo Game Show, including the all new PS3 Slim and the new PSVita colors. We also discuss how our wallets are gonna hurt after the landslide of games coming out over the next 7 weeks."

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Cant wait to check it out!