The Musical Compositions and Scores of Rare/Free Radical- Part 1

Rare. So many things spring to mind when I read, hear or see anything relating to the previously untouchable and god-like status of the games company known as Rare Ltd. A company that had the ability to release an endless stream of hit after hit, gem after gem. Rival game companies of the Rare dominance-era were shoved aside with almost every title that Rare shelled out. During the ’90s, Rare were throwing out roughly two games a year, that were on levels of quality that other developers could only dream about. Rare constantly showed off their talents in whatever game they were putting out that week – gameplay, level design, artwork, and sound were crafted to the highest level of caliber. Rare became so solid at creating exquisite games that it felt like they had devised a formula that allowed them to make near flawless games on demand. I can’t say enough about why I loved the old Rare, there’s far too many reasons and far too little time. I could spend all day foaming at the mouth about pre-2002 Rare, but what I really want to discuss is the soundtracks for several games, along with their composers. So, let’s have a peak at some dearly beloved Rare classics.

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