Media Create software sales (9/17 – 9/23) – Top 50

Media Create released an expanded listing of the best-selling games from Japan.

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LX-General-Kaos2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Nintendo has done an amazing job this week on the software side of things. Occupying 5 total seats within the top 10 charts. With an astounding performance put on be New Super Mario Bros 2. Which has proven to have much more lasting appeal than I had previously imagined. Another week and thing are still looking positive with strong sales figures for the forever evolving Nintendo product line.

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DivineAssault 2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Sony is doing an amazing job holding the majority of japan & europe with PS3, PSP, & even the young vita is making a small dent in the charts.. The Playstation brand shall continue its reign as more exciting new IPs are released for all its consoles on the market.. There will soon be a new contender in the charts known as the wii u.. Can it take away from sonys thunder? who knows? But as soon as it does, the release of the ultimate nx gen console PS4 will enter the game making sony have not 2, not 3, but 4 gaming machines to rule with an iron fist in 2/3 of the world.. Sorry dude, i had to give my ppl some morale lol...

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dark-hollow2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

What's going on?

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Sgt_Slaughter2145d ago

Rated W for Watermelon...

See, I can do it too! Haha all in good fun.

r212145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

So LX General Kaos for Nintendo and DivineAssault for Sony, MS-?

Anyways, even though LBPV didnt sell too well, its nice to see it in top 50.